Top 10 reasons to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015…coming your way!

#1 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because this is the Fall 2015 Thirty-One enrollment kit. And it doesn’t get much better than this! There’s over $400 in product and it’s all yours to keep! it comes with everything you need to start your new business off right! The extra contents in the enrollment kit are listed below!


kit contents-page-1

#2 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

We have the BEST program in the company to support and REWARD new consultants! Our Start Swell Program is pretty much off the hook! And right now, ONLY through December 2015, they have added CASH BONUSES to the already amazing Start Swell incentive! We have consultants on our team who have earned over $1000 just in CASH BONUSES!!

Your start swell is your 1st 4 months as a consultant. Each 30 day period, you enter one average party ($600 in orders), and you’re going to earn one of these kits below. And YOU get to pick which kits you want! That’s up to FOUR additional product kits for FREE!!!


#3 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because I have all your questions answered! If you’re a visual learner like me, I put a video together with tons of Frequently Asked Questions about joining Thirty-One. Check it out!

#4 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Pay for your Christmas in COLD HARD CASH!  Thirty-One has added CASH BONUSES to the start swell program and it only lasts through December! Sign up and you could earn up to $250 in CASH…PLUS a new product kit every single month, for your first 4 months! What better way to pay for your Christmas DEBT FREE?!

And get a friend to start up with you…and earn even MORE CASH!!

Sell $600 in your first 30 days and get any start swell product kit for FREE!

Sell $1000 in your first 30 days and get a $100 CASH BONUS!

Sell $2400 in your first 30 days and get a $250 CASH BONUS!


#5 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because when you join in November and host your launch party…MAGIC happens!


  1. You get to be the hostess AND the consultant!
  2. So you get tons of free and half price items at your launch party as the hostess
  3. you earn the COMMISSION on your own party as the consultant. So essentially, you pay yourself back for the kit you just purchased.
  4. You hit your first TWO start swells goals with your launch party and earn a FREE product kit PLUS a $100 CASH bonus.

It’s INSANE the amount of CASH, PRODUCT, and FREE and HALF PRICE items you’re going to earn. Right in time for the holidays!

#6 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Friends and an AMAZING team!


Our team is called Team Trendy. And we seriously have the best team in the company, tad bit biased, I know:) We hit MILLION DOLLAR TEAM last year! And are right on mark to accomplish that again. That means our team hit 1 million dollars in sales. That means we know what we’re doing. And we can’t wait to teach YOU.

We have an exclusive training just for our team members that is top notch and sets you up for success from day one of joining.

And you’re going to meet so many new friends with this company. Some of my best friends are Thirty-One Consultants from all over the country. Building relationships is easy to do when you’re part of this company. The environment, the support, the encouragement, and the relationships you will build will change your life in a way you could never even imagine!

#7 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because you deserve it.


Because every person has a different reason for joining, and it all MATTERS. It all makes us who we are and drives our success.

Are you a mom who just wants to get out of the house?

Are you retired and bored or need some some extra income?

Are you wanting to pay for those expensive sports your kids are in?

Are you simply not wanting to feel guilty about buying that new pair of shoes you want?

Are you wanting to quit your job? Maybe even just go part time?

Are you wanting to become a stay at home mom?

Are you simply wanting to take that family vacation you’ve always dreamed of?

Are you just wanting the AMAZING discount and free products that Thirty-One consultants get?

No matter what your WHY is…we all start with the same kit. The same goal to earn something that means something to us. And whatever your goal or desire is…Thirty-One can help you get there…because you DESERVE it!

#8 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because sometimes you simply want to be celebrated!


No matter what you’re doing in Thirty-One, you’re going to be working towards goals to CELEBRATE~ENCOURAGE~REWARD you at all times!

~We have consultant incentives where you earn free product for monthly goals.

~We have your start swell goals where you’re earning product bundles AND cash bonuses.

~You have the chance a FREE paid expenses trip to an exotic location every single year.

~You have exclusive early access to  any outlet sales that Thirty-One may roll out. And BOY are those great!

~Watch our Product Premiere twice a year in movie theaters all across the country! Consultants get to watch the new catalog launch and sneak peeks on the big screen! And we always go home with some goodies from home office;) So. Much. FUN!

~Thirty-One loves to celebrate their consultants on every level. You will be blown away by the amount free product that starts stacking up in your house!

#9 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Because it’s FUN!


I’m a mom. I have 5 kids. I NEED to get out of the  house. I NEED to have adult conversations. And I NEED an outlet to be ME.

I control my schedule to work around my family and my life. And that’s the best part about it. You control how little or much you want to work. You control your income.

And all the while, I get to get out of the house. Heck, I’m headed to New York this month with my daughter to help celebrate Thirty-One’s donation to the Today Show Toy Drive. I have 4 home shows booked this month. I’ll be attending a leadership retreat this coming weekend. I’m looking forward to the Thirty-One product premiere next month where I get to go to the movie theater and hang out with 300 other Thirty-One Consultants! I have a show Friday with a friend/hostess I met FOUR years ago with Thirty-One and I ALWAYS look forward to seeing her and her family again! In my best Jerry McGuire voice…Thirty-One completes me.

And I know it can be blessing and so much FUN for you too!

#10 Reason to become a Thirty-One consultant in November 2015:

Start Your New Year off with a brand new business with Thirty-One. What a great time to make a New Year’s Resolution to do what YOU want to do this coming year.

It’s a no brainer! It’s a WIN/WIN any way you look at it!

So to break it down completely  for you…

STEP 1: Get your gorgeous new kit for $99. It comes with over $400 in product and includes all your catalogs, mini catalogs, and order forms. And much more!

STEP 2: Set your launch party and get your start swell kits for FREE! You can earn up to FOUR free kits! PLUS CASH BONUSES!

STEP 3: Watch all that cash come rolling into your bank account with all those parties during the holidays when your friends are in the best shopping mode of the year!

recruit flier

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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2 thoughts

  1. Thank you Melissa for clarifying some questions for me. I love 31 and needed to do a party for Christmas shopping, well I was forgotten by a friend who is a consultant. I wanted to shop and forget it. So it’s done now in the store setting not my idea. The Christmas money doesn’t last long, due to the fact something inevitably breaks and the money goes for that. I like you info on being a consultant. I am seriously thinking about it. Thanks for breaking this down for me.


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