Posted to my team today:

I don’t have anymore home shows. And my product is just sitting here not making any money. So here’s my idea for the next few days!
Posted in my customer group. Now, you could just have a group of 15-20 products. You’ll want to make sure you have an inventory paper of the products you drop off. And certainly only do this with those you trust!:

This is for my local ladies! Anyone want to shop from your seat?? I will drop off all my product to YOU for 24 hours to see if you can find some things you’d like for everyone left on your Christmas list!
I’ll pick it up the same time the next day and BAM! You got some Christmas shopping done on your time!
I have openings for
Monday (TONIGHT)
& Thursday
Message me if you’d like to me to come drop off all my Thirty-One goodies to YOU!


Why would I do this?

My product isn’t making me any money in my living room. So why not let it sit in someone else’s living room? I think I’m going to visit this as a new way to do a personal party. I’m going to advertise this at my party as a 3 day venture. May be a new road Melissa is going to travel! Stay tuned!!

This would help:

  1. increase sales

     2. get people chatting on Facebook about your product

     3. possibly increase bookings. There’s a plethora of things I can think to do WITH this to increase sales and leads.

     4. possibly increase recruits (oh this is easy…I love playing with all this stuff and showing my friends)

     5. it’s a non-threatening way to let people enjoy your products.

I’m on it!! Be back with details and we’ll see how this goes!!

Over and out,

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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