My goal with the outlet sale has been CONTACTS. Our team has been working on a series of challenges to increase their contacts via their customer group.

Because we all know we need customers in our back office, we need contact information, and we ALWAYS need to be increasing our customer reach, right?

But we also know with the OUTLET SALE, that emails go out in waves. So I decided the best way for me to get sales, new long term customers, and build NEW relationships for the new year, was to get them added to my customer group on Facebook. That way I can announce the sale the moment it opens and they can be the first to shop.

I posted this picture in my team and said, how many of these retiring products do YOU have? Most had at least 3, some had like 20 or more! Whew! Wow. We love our Thirty-One. LOL!

So I took the retirement list and posted THIS in my customer group:

I’m giving away FOUR of these current products that are retiring…who wants one? I believe that was one of the most successful posts I’ve ever had in my customer page. Because they all want a free product, right?


Then after I had their attention, I let them know in 24 hours we would be doing the give away. Now, I started with 850 people in my closed customer group. And what did I end up with 36 hours later? 1,667 customers on my closed customer page!! I DOUBLED my reach!

These are:

  1. new customers
  2. new sales
  3. new business for me in 2016
  4. new recruits for me in 2016
  5. new bookings for me in 2016

I am SO excited! So this is what I posted in my customer group:

I have THREE products to give away!! And one of them is a $150 bag!!! Merry Christmas to YOU!! Drawing at 9pm Sunday!! Comment BELOW when you get yours added so I know to add your name to the give a way!!

Add 10 friends to this page that you know would LOVE to check out the Thirty-One outlet sale!!
If we have 10 people do this, I give away one prize
If we have 15 people do this, I give away 2 prizes
If we have at least 20 people do this, I give away 3 prizes
And we can keep going!! My office is FULL of free goodies!!


So happy adding and good luck on the outlet sale!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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