My customer page used to simply EXIST. I rarely post, didn’t have that many customers in there, it just kind of sat there. And when I did post…a whole lot of these followed…


Then I started being CONSISTENT. It all started with a goal I made in December of 2014. My goal was to make my customer Facebook page WORK. Not only to make it work, but to make it FUN!

So here is what I did:

1. I made a goal to increase the # of people in my group.

And I doubled my group this year. And I don’t just add people. NEVER just add people. You want THEM to request to be added.

A) I used things like the cutest pet contest and the cutest baby contest.

fb1 1

B) I also did things like this where people won prizes for adding their friends:


C) I also posted my LINK to my customer page in every single FB party I did the whole year.


D) I also just recently started posting the link to my group in my monthly customer email.

So those are just some fun ways to increase your #’s in your customer group.

2. I also wanted to increase the interaction!

I started being consistent with giveaways and posting. Why would my customers be active if I wasn’t?! So I started posting at least once a day, if not more. And what do ya know? I have a lot more interaction.

I’ve gotten bookings, recruits, and sales. It was AMAZING to watch what unfolded in my Facebook customer group over this last year. And all I had to do was SHOW UP:)

3. I wanted to be USEFUL!

My friend Linda Lollo stressed the importance to me last year… about making your page USEFUL. Make it INTERESTING. Make them WANT to read your posts. Make it THE place to be.

My customers don’t just get slammed with posts about purses. I’m not ONLY about purses; and neither are my customers. So why not be a little more versatile. Kind of like being MYSELF!

So I started posting:



~useful tips on everything from holidays to crafts to kid tips…you name it, I posted it!

They got to know ME this year. And it worked. Here’s an example of something I posted today:

This would be something great to start with the kids!

So there’s a few things I did. I really hope this helps you to think about a new direction for your customer group. I’ve gained so many friends, new hostesses, and sales from my Facebook Customer Page. It’s so worth it if you put the time into it and you simply be YOU. Don’t SELL to them. Just be useful and show them WHY they need your product. Show them PICTURES of product in use. Not just stock photos. That’s B-O-R-I-N-G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spice it up and have some fun in 2016!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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