This is my “push” for January at my parties. I love my binders. They go right along with my party presentation and it works perfectly!

Check this out:

The pages in my binder:

Customer Special:

I love the clear pocket on the front to put the customer special on there. No more searching for it. This is an UPSELL and needs to be high lighted!

My Why:

on the back cover I have my family. This gives your customers a “window” to YOU. It’s a personal connection. These people are giving you their time and their credit card #’s. They should be able to get to know you and connect with you. And what better way than showing them who you really are?


Each month I will be including these in my packets. I did this about 6 months ago and people would literally point to a bundle and say, I want that one. Remember, some people simply come to a party to support their friend. And a confused mind will always say NO. But when you give them this visual, it’s so easy for them to say YES.

Ask Me About My Job:

I do this after I hand out my recruiting flier to each person. It’s a great way to open conversation about the opportunity.

Book a Party Flier:

This form is something I created and Bridgett Edwards illustrated for us. It is the single easiest way to walk through the benefits of hosting a show. Especially for our new consultants. This tool has been invaluable.

Hope this helps to see the “why” behind this binder!

I made 20 binders and take 15 to my parties. The fit GREAT in 2 fold n files. I just take them out and set them on the coffee table at my party. And all my pins fit in the pockets of the fold n file. So it’s a great party addition that highlights a product too!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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2 thoughts

  1. Hi Melissa! I was wondering if you had those sheets available to print out or are they just for Team Trendy? I love the idea of the bundles and the book a party flyer.


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