My goal in 2016 is to SIMPLIFY everything in my Thirty-One business. And I started this a few months ago with my hostess packets.

Check this out. SO EASY.

My goal with these simplified hostess packets is:

  1. Convenience: Have these packets so readily available and easy to make that they’re never a problem to get out the door and into my hostesses hands ASAP. I will make up 20 of these packets and have them ready to go at all times. The only thing I will need to add is the monthly special flier.
  2. Remove the clutter: Putting TOO MUCH information in a packet is overwhelming. I found my hostesses weren’t looking at ANYTHING in the packet because there was just too much. Now, they simply have one flier to look at. The “how to order” guide with the “40 guests in 40 minutes” on the back.
  3. Cost Effective: I was spending too much money on bells and whistles that simply were not income producing. That’s my favorite word. Is it income producing? I didn’t find all the “extras” to do me much good on that end.
  4. Personal touch: I’m using all the bells and whistles as personal touch points each week with my hostess instead. And there’s more to come on that!
  5. Time effective: These are SO easy to put together. Simple. Easy. Fun. And then I’m DONE!

So here’s to the first step in simplifying your Thirty-One business in 2016!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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