Everyone dreads taxes, right? I have fought the battle of taxes for almost 8 years and finally come up with the easiest system ever for me and my team to track our taxes for our direct sales business!

Start NOW. Do not delay when it comes to tracking your business. A new year, a new YOU! Just DO IT!

Watch this 5 minute video that explains how easy it can be!

All you need:

a 1/2 inch binder

12 pocket folder inserts

and 12 sheet protectors

(and whatever tax form you use for tracking your taxes)

You can download mine here: http://1drv.ms/1IwHYZn

And here’s another invaluable tool for you:

Everyone NEEDS this app! Download this app on your phone ASAP! I discovered this at our Leadership Council a year ago.


This has a GPS tracking system. When you drive, its tracks, when you stop driving-it tracks. You don’t have to put in start and stop #’s. It does it for you! You can go back in later and swipe whether the drive was personal or business. AND…you can also add notes to the GPS locations. So I can put in, post office/hostesses addresses/Dollar Tree/Walmart/Staples…all those frequent places so it’s easier for me to see where I went!

AND…it will email your list to you whenever you want. So you can have your mileage sent to you once a month to print and put in your tax binder. Seriously, it is AMAZING!! It is a must have for anyone in direct sales or running your own business! GENIUS!

Check it out here and look for this app on your phone:

MILEIQ: https://www.mileiq.com/



Happy Taxing 🙂

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts




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