I mentioned earlier that I’m focusing on simple~easy~fun this year. I’m really working on simplifying every step of my business.

I want to make it EASY to hostess coach.

I want it to be easily DUPLICATED for my team.

I want to make it informative.

I want to make it FUN.

I want to save money.

I want to save time.

And I want to make it effective!

I used to send post cards. But there was no interaction. No follow up. No way to connect on that. I want to start WOWing my hostesses. Every step of the way. I want them to interact and open dialogue.

Now I save time, money on postcards, money on stamps, and I actually get to interact MORE with my hostesses.

So here is my new TEXTING hostess coaching system.

TEXT #1:

This is my “so excited about your party” text. I wanted to let my hostesses know what they can expect from ME. And to give them some quick details.


TEXT #2:

This one has a different text, same concept, for either a catalog/home/fundraiser show. The idea is take the steps YOU think are most important, and let them know! I had these designs made by Kim at Night Owl Custom Design. If you want to check them all out, you can see them (and get your own if you want) right here:


What I love about the information on my cards, is it’s ME. It’s everything I wanted to accomplish. I was very careful and INTENTIONAL about everything on mine!

And as you will notice, there is information about the enrollment kit on every single one of them. Because recruiting is a huge focus for me!

I also think it’s very important to show your picture on everything. Let them feel like they know you! Build a RELATIONSHIP and big things will happen. Not simply with the party, but even after the party. The future. The referrals. The trust.

I want her filling out the hostess portal link because those emails are IMMEDIATELY added to my contacts in my back office and will FOREVER get my emails monthly. THAT is LONGEVITY.

I’m also asking her to participate in her Facebook party. Because it’s more successful if she does. And I ask her to personally message her friends and ask them to actually JOIN the event.

And 10 orders and a $600 show is my goal. So I will simply continue to reinforce that thought.

Last…I’m showing her AGAIN…what she gets at that $600 level.


TEXT #3:

As you can see in this bundle, there is a “flip your party” (the green card) for those hostesses I choose to send that to for recruiting purposes!


My disclaimer as always…I do not receive payment from Night Owl. I work with her because I trust her.

I utilize people like Night Owl because they save me TIME and they allow ME to look like a professional with great designs that “WOW” my hostesses. They think, “man…this girl knows what she’s doing!”.

And with these, the money I’m saving in postage and post cards and WRITING OUT postcards…is well worth it!

If you want to check out her Facebook page: 


So now you have my new hostess coaching texts! 

  1. Save money

2. Save time

3. Do hostess coaching ANYWHERE…the doctors office, waiting to pick up your kids,          acting like your listening to your in laws…the list could go on and on, right?!

4. Make it look AMAZING and PROFESSIONAL

5. Keep your hostess INFORMED

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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