I posted this to my team yesterday. The idea was to create a sense of “urgency” and maybe drum up some orders. A test…if you will.

So I sold $107. That’s AWESOME! I’m totally stoked about it, but it got me thinking…first, here’s what I posted to my team below:

Alright ladies! Let’s try something!! Something about the sense of urgency might just grab us a couple orders and new customers! Who’s in?? I want to KNOW if you get some orders! All we know for sure is that if we don’t ASK, we’ll never know! 🙂

1. Set up a party called “Spring Into Thirty-One” on your website
2. Post this below in your customer page! If you get $200 in orders, you got a party! If not, change to retail order! You can even message some of your besties and also post the pics in your FB hostess events!

MESSAGE IS BELOW TO MY CUSTOMER GROUP (with pictures attached)

I have a Facebook party closing TONIGHT at 9pm if anyone wants to grab some Easter baskets!! Easter is March 27th and sneaking up fast! Get these adorable baskets you can use all year long!

Here is the link to order yours! And message me if you had any questions on some more cute Easter basket ideas! I can also work up the graphics for you if you’d like to see what the product would look like with their names on them!

So, it worked. That “sense of urgency” is real.

Now, whether it was that sense of urgency, maybe I just reminded them they wanted to order by posting, maybe telling them I was closing a party made it seem like they were helping someone, I’m not sure.

But I’m going to continue to test this. And this is HOW.

Each day I go to CLOSE one of my hostesses parties, I’m going to post in my customer group:

Lisa Halow is closing her party today! If you were wanting to order, here’s a great excuse to! Here’s the link below to order, and as always, let me know if you have any questions!


  1. My hostess will love me for trying
  2. My hostess will love me even more if someone orders
  3. Others will see that I will help THEM if they host a party
  4. It will remind others that booking a show is easy…”look how many she posts about”
  5. And it’ll hopefully increase sales!

What do you think? Want to try it with me? Certainly can’t hurt, right? 😉

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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