I love doing these kinds of posts. And I simply wanted to give you some thought behind WHY I do them and some tips on HOW to do them.

I posted this on my main Facebook timeline and my closed customer group. This particular one was for Valentines Day:


Now, you want to be very careful about your wording in the actual POST. Facebook does NOT like certain words: tag, tag a friend, giveaway, share this post, etc. Things like that will flag your post in facebook algorithms. And it will be less likely to show up in people’s newsfeeds.

So here is what I posted with the picture above:

I would love to surprise someone today! Nominate someone who you LOVE and deserves something special on Valentine’s Day!
I’m going to make up a special little package for one lucky person! Simply my way of sharing some love today.

Why do I do this?

  1. I get to bless someone’s day and make 2 people feel AMAZING!
  2. It helps me spread my business
  3. It tags someone ELSE who may not know about me or my business
  4. Everyone who is tagged, it shows up in THEIR newsfeed so THEY see it
  5. I get to send a gift, a catalog, and all my information.
  6. The person I send it to is blessed, and will never forget me
  7. The person who NOMINATED that person is blessed and will never forget that
  8. When you connect the heartstrings into your business, you will create lasting customers and friends

So have fun with your holidays!! And incorporate your business in a fun way:)

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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