Here’s all the Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Thirty-One Consultant:

STEP 1- $99 enrollment kit


Within 7 days after you enroll, you will receive a BIG HOT PINK BOX! Included in the box – over $400 worth of products and business supplies (catalogs, order forms, fliers, etc…enough supplies for your first 4 parties). And by doing those parties, you will earn more business supplies for FREE after that!

The products included are some of our most popular items, and the kit is all that you need to get started! With these products and the fabric swatches that are included, you are ready to go! The kit is over a $400 value for only $99!! What product are you most excited about in this kit?



Book your launch party in February (your consultant will help you do this)! You can book a party any way you want and take advantage of the AMAZING hostess special. But the great thing about it…when you join NOW…you’re going to be the hostess AND the consultant! So you’re going to earn ALL the commission PLUS all of the hostess benefits!! HOLY COW!
1-Book your launch party
2-Your customers get this brand new bag for $10
3-YOU earn all the commission AND hostess benefits for hosting your own party!
And how much do you have to sell to stay active? Just $200 every 3 months. Say WHAT?! That’s EASY!!
So are you ready for a sneak peek at some new spring product you’ll be earning for free, simply by hosting your own show in February???



You get to earn FOUR of these kits for FREE~

The Start Swell is an extra incentive that the company offers for new consultants, giving you a chance to earn even more FREE products and business supplies in your first 4 months with the company. This program is extremely attainable for everyone! Thirty-One wants to REWARD you by having a strong start! Check out what you will earn with this fantastic program! At EACH of the four levels, when you hold just ONE average party (or sell $600) during each 30 day period, you will get YOUR choice of these beautiful kits!! You’re going to have the chance to earn FOUR of these kits when you join in January!!



Host your launch party and get PAID. You’re basically going to pay yourself back for the kit you just purchased! An average launch show is $600.
1. That’s $150 in COMMISSION…so actually you’re making MORE than the price of the kit. You already made some EXTRA money!
2. You’re earning ALL hostess benefits… which for a $600 show is $100 in FREE product!
3. AND…you’re earning your first start swell kit for FREE!!


And how do I know you’re going to have an AMAZING launch party and start to your business?
Because we have our #1 selling product in the catalog this Spring…personalized PILLOWS!! Along with some amazing new products that are going to make it the BEST season we’ve ever had in Thirty-One!


Did you know you’ll earn $100 CASH BONUS for each friend who signs up under you?
Starting this business with a friend is the BEST possible thing you can do! You get to work together, share all the new and exciting products and ideas, go to National Conference and local meetings together…it’s truly such an awesome experience to have with your friends or family. So start thinking about who YOU could share this opportunity with!


Holy Cow! …What would YOU do with an extra $300 a month? Just 2 average parties a month…and then we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions for you!
Will you be paying a car payment?
Paying for kids sports activities (that’s me for sure)?
Paying for a family vacation you’ve never been able to take?
Buying that new pair of shoes and not having to feel guilty about it?
Maybe dive into some charity work (this is also me)?
Just get out of the house cause the babies are driving you nuts…who cares about the $$…LOL!!
What is it? What is your WHY? What would you do if you had an extra $300 a month?

1Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions answered for you.

1. I have a very busy life and I’m not sure if I can be gone at night. What are the shopping event options?
You can do JUST catalog parties and online parties if that is what fits your schedule. A catalog party is when you give someone a hostess packet and they just collect orders from their friends and family and turn them in to you.

2. Do consultants have a monthly/quarterly quota to stay active?
To stay active with Thirty-One, consultants only need to submit $200 in sales every rolling three months. A qualifying party for Thirty-One is only $200! Very easy to stay active!

3. Does the company supply consultants with a website? If so, what is the cost?
The cost is $12.95 a month. You will receive the website and newsletter FREE during your first three months you join Thirty-0ne. And you can cancel that at any time.

4. How do I submit orders?
You submit orders via your personal website in what we call our “Back Office”. Here you will place party orders, create online orders, and do business supply orders

5. Can my customers order from my website?
Yes! Your customers can go directly to your website and place an order or re-order without hosting a shopping event.

6. What is my initial cost to become a consultant?
It only takes $99 to secure your consultant display kit! It comes with over $400 in product you get to use for yourself and your parties

7. What will I get with my kit and when can I expect to receive it?
You will get all the products on the back of the new catalog along with 25 catalogs, invitations, and 50 order forms in addition to other start-up paperwork. You will receive your kit in 3-5 days.



More Frequently Asked Questions:


8. Are there any other hidden fees?
No, Thirty-One does not charge you any other fees throughout the year.

9. What can I do to prepare while waiting for my kit?
You can visit to order address labels for your catalogs and business cards. They are FREE, all you have to do is pay for shipping!

And you’ll want to spread the word about your new business. Tell all your family and friends and start booking those parties!!! Your best bet is to have what I call a “launch party” at your house. Invite everyone you know and do your own party when your kit arrives. That way you can enter your first party, you’ll make all the commission, and you’ll earn all the free and half-price items as the hostess-so you can add to your kit for FREE!
10. How are Consultants paid at Thirty-One?
We get paid by direct deposit on the 10th and 25th of each month. You can also choose to have a paper check sent to you if you don’t want direct deposit.

11. Does the company offer consultant incentives?
Yes, Thirty-One offers us challenges during various months to receive something FREE or have the opportunity to qualify for various things.

12. How do I collect money from customers?
As a consultant, you can accept cash, checks, or credit cards for the full amount owed including shipping and tax. Consultants are not charged for this service. Thirty One accepts all major credit cards.

13. Do I have to have a separate business checking account to become a Thirty-One consultant?
No. Although, by having a separate checking account for your Thirty-One business it may make it easier to track business income and expenses.

14. Is there a penalty or fee if I decide to get out of the business?
No. Just contact home office and let them know of your decision. There is never a penalty for not selling…you have nothing to lose by trying!!!

15. Are there any support groups or training for Thirty-One consultants?
Yes! Yes! Yes! We have a Consultant Website called and it is updated daily with the latest information that you will need to run your business. You can get all the info on company announcements, consultant information, and online trainings. We also have a team page full of daily tips and marketing tricks for your business!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts
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  1. Melissa, Do you have a shared file of this? Or directions on how to set one up? I would love to be able to send this to my Hostess that may be interested. Thank you so much for sharing all these awesome files and advice. It has helped me grow not only my business but myself! You are Awesome!


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