March Facebook Party Script**below you will find my entire 4 day Facebook script for March 2016 with all images.

I want to make it FUN for my hostesses and guests!!

So this is my 4 day Facebook party I have created:

1. 4 posts a day

2. I post using, so I can pre-post all of those. If you don’t use cinchshare, you SHOULD!

3. I post at 9am, 1pm, 4pm, and 8pm each day

I do a Facebook event the same way for every party. Whether they are having a home show, a catalog show, a Fundraiser, or a Facebook Party. They all get the same 4 day event. This is my way to get in front of as many people as I possibly can!

** I created a BUSINESS PAGE on Facebook that is ONLY for graphics. Do not “like” that page or draw any attention to it PLEASE> That is ONLY to house my albums in a “public” place. You will need to make your own PAGE and your own ALBUMS. But it should be pretty easy if you just choose some of the photos from the albums I already made. You can copy each album and all photos. I don’t mind.

It is IMPERATIVE that you watch this video BEFORE you try to do this script. You HAVE to understand the way this works.

***You canNOT put 31 or Thirty-One in the NAME of your Facebook Business page. The goal is NOT to draw attention to that page and keep just for your parties. And it is against policy and procedure to have 31 or Thirty-One in the title of ANY page.

**You need to read through each post to make sure it doesn’t have any of MY personal information and make it personal to you!

***It takes some time to load these albums, much less for you because i did all the hunting down and organizing for you! But the good thing is…I can change my script up, add pictures, change pictures, and change the BODY of the script…but still keep the albums! My goal is to show them the function and find some new ways to make it interactive.

I focused on the product lines I wanted to showcase, booking seeds, recruiting seeds, and lead generation (getting follow-up information).

I wrote down a list of absolutely everything I wanted to post in a FB event. And this is the outline I ended up with:

PRE-POSTS (I load these before I invite my host and before she invites all her friends)

1. Introduction to ME (always include a picture)

2. Bundle pictures to show what they can get and let them browse products

3. Introduction to FB party: what to expect from ME

4. Customer Special

**some of these pictures are my own, and some are pulled from other fabulous ladies who have shared their creative genius with the rest of us! Thank you if that is YOU.

PRE-POST: Here is my example for the DESCRIPTION of the February FB event:

Sheryl is hosting a Thirty-One Party! And we cannot wait to show you all the amazing gift ideas for you, your friends, and your family this season.

Want to view the whole catalog online? Just click here and you can view it on your phone or computer:

March customer special:

Spend $35 and get any one of these for HALF PRICE (your discount price listed below):

Tons of Funds: $29

Sling-Back Bag: $22.50

Paris: $39

Organizing Shoulder Bag: $22.50

Ready to order?

Go to

Click on ORDER

Click on Sheryl’s name!

PRE-POST: So Here is an example of my Introduction:

Hello everybody! My name is Melissa Fietsam, and I am an Independent Senior Executive Director with Thirty-One. I have been with the company for over 7 years. I absolutely love my job and want to introduce myself and Thirty-One. I have 5 crazy children and am married to my high school sweetheart. I am a retired Registered Nurse (I used to work in the Emergency Room and taught LPNs on the side). I was able to supplement my income with Thirty-One, and now I’m a full-time mom and business owner!

I love Thirty-One because it gives women the freedom to pursue their dreams. It’s so much more than just a bag:) For those of you who don’t know…Thirty-One was founded on 31 Proverbs and is all centered around celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding women. And I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

I love to give away prizes! And we will be giving away a GRAND PRIZE on Day 4. For each comment, post, or question…you’ll be entered to win! The more you comment and post…the more likely you are to WIN!!!! So let’s have some fun!!




I can’t wait to help you organize with Thirty-One in March!! Who has been to a Thirty-One party before and who has never heard of Thirty-One?

And what’s this FB party all about?

  1. We will have a 4 day event!
  2. Give away a GRAND PRIZE to someone on Day 4
  3. I’ll post lots of ideas for great products and how to use them
  4. And we’re going to help your hostess earn LOTS of free and half price items!
  5. And just have some FUN! That’s what this is all about, SIMPLE~EASY~FUN!

And if you have questions at any time, please let me know! I to answer questions



I’m going to introduce you to March customer special! For every $35 you spend, you get to choose one of these amazing bags for HALF OFF!! Your discounted prices are below!

Tons of Funds: $29

Sling-Back Bag: $22.50

Paris: $39

Organizing Shoulder Bag: $22.50


You can also load an album for all bundle pictures

PARTY TIME>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



So tell me who you are! I love to get to know a little about my hostesses favorite people!

For every question you answer during the next 4 days, you’ll be entered to win a PRIZE on DAY 4!

I’m a stay at home mom now. But I used to be a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department and taught LPNs on the side!

My favorite TV shows are…hmmm…Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family!




We have a brand new SPRING catalog! So that means there are lots of NEW products you haven’t seen yet!

The biggest news of the season…our brand new PERSONALIZED PILLOWS…check out all the fun designs:


Who wants to win something?

Let’s see who can come up with the most creative pillow??!! Check out all the designs in the previous post. Then go to this link and create your OWN!

1. Take a picture of your pillow designed all nice and pretty

2. Post a picture HERE in the comments so I know you’re entering the contest! 2. Post on your MAIN Facebook page

3. The person with the most LIKES from your friends on their pillow design by the end of the party, WINS A PRIZE!! Just tell them you’re in a contest and need to WIN;)

Hey Miss hostess…YOU have to tell me who wins by having the most likes smile emoticon smile emoticon

**We have to have at least 10 people participate for a PRIZE to be won! And if someone loves your pillow and wants to know where you got it…and orders their own…you automatically when a gift from me 🙂


March is here and that means EASTER is near!  You can grab some adorable Easter Baskets they can use all year-long! And get yourself a brand new purse for HALF OFF! Sounds like a great excuse to shop;)

March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day

March 27th: Easter

May 8th: Mother’s Day

MAY: teachers gifts and graduations are near! Our personalized pillows make AMAZING personal gifts they will cherish forever!

There’s also some other great ideas for lots of Easter baskets, Mother’s Day, Baby Shower Gifts, and graduation gifts! Thirty-One is a great option for a personalized gift from the heart for any occasion in your life!


What’s the big deal with hosting your OWN Thirty-One party? FREE STUFF of course!!

Click on the link below and view ALL the benefits of hosting your own show in March. And tell me…if you could get ANY ITEM in the catalog for FREE….what would it be??

Check out how easy it is to host your own Thirty-One show. All you need is $200 in orders to get:

$25 FREE, 1 item half off, one hostess exclusive item

But host a $600 show and get:

$100 FREE, 2 items half off, 2 hostess exclusives, AND…the hostess special bundle for the month!

  1. Facebook party?
  2. Home show?
  3. Catalog Party?
  4. Happy Hour party?
  5. or maybe even a Fundraiser?
  6. Wine Tasting Party?
  7. Pajama Party?

We party YOUR WAY!

DAY 2:



Organizing with Thirty-One is my one of my FAVORITE parts of this job! I get to do it for FREE or next to nothing with the consultants benefits I get:) So I want to show you some EASY ways to organize your home with Thirty-One!

Let me show you what Thirty-One can do for your CLOSETS! Check out the album below and tell me which is your favorite!

I’m also putting a link to my FAVORITE album, which is KITCHEN organization. What’s your favorite thing for the kitchen too?!




Time to get your GIRL BACK!

Tell me which one is your favorite?

As women, we always put ourselves last. With Thirty-One, you can spoil everyone in your family AND spoil yourself! Especially with the HALF PRICE customer special this month! Check all these great ways to spoil and celebrate YOU:


There are SO many new products I can’t wait to show you with the brand new spring catalog!! What is your favorite NEW product in the catalog?

Here’s the link if you haven’t had a chance to check out the new catalog:




I LOVE to travel. Tell me your favorite place you’ve BEEN and the place you DREAM of going?

And then check out all these amazing travel bags from Thirty-One. I travel at least twice a month, and I’m always the one with the cutest luggage and travel accessories;) You should be too!


This album is hereby dedicated to all those mothers out there who battle drool, temper tantrums, stomping feet, bath time, and MUCH MORE 🙂 I salute you 🙂

Do you have babies? What ages?

Do you know someone who’s getting ready to have a baby? Cause we have some great gift ideas for you!

Did you know? My oldest is graduating high school this year. And my youngest is TWO! I have a crazy spectrum of emotions and hormones and stages in my life, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


DAY 3:



Do you have kids in sports? What do they play?

I have 4 sons and 1 daughter. And sports is simply a part of my life. Baseball and basketball are our #1 sports. I love having all these Thirty-One products to make things CUTE. They’re smelly, they’re gross, they’re dirty…but I can sure make them look CUTE! LOL!




You’ve seen a few products now….so let’s see what kind of Thirty-One girl you are:) Check out this album and tell me your TOP 3 products you see that you LOVE! And I’m going to post a Thirty-One Personality Profile for FUN!


One question. If you had an extra $300 a month, what would you do with it?

Have you ever thought about becoming a Thirty-One consultant?

Whether you love the product and simply want a discount or you’d really like to make some extra money…Thirty-One has what you’re looking for and I’d love to tell you more!

Check out this video I made with some frequently asked questions about joining our team. If you’d like some MORE information…I have that too! Message me and I’ll send you a quick link you can look over with all the information you need to jump in and join us!


There’s some really great bundle deals you don’t want to miss out on! And they’re ONLY available in March! Check out these deals:



Ok friends! I created a Thirty-One Personality Profile for you!

Are you: the Dreamer, the Trend Setter, the Pajama girl??? See what YOUR type is!

STEP 1: Pick an outfit that YOU LOVE
STEP 2: Check the description below your favorite outfit to see if I pegged your personality:)

STEP 3: Tell us which one you picked in the post below!

And guess what? ALL the purses in the Personality Profile are HALF OFF in the customer special this month! Don’t miss out!!



What’s your favorite in this album?

I told you about my babies yesterday. Want to see my crazy teenagers?

I added their picture to the kids album below! Even my older kids love all the functional and FUN items for kids and teens.



What is your FAVORITE item in this album?

Every woman needs some accessories! These are the little things that just make you SMILE!



Do you LOVE Thirty-One? Do you NEVER want to miss an OUTLET SALE and be the first to see the monthly customer specials and deals?

Fill out this 2 second survey and you’ll be my Thirty-One VIP! (((here is a copy of my survey so you can create your own. You can google Melissa Fietsam and create google survey and find a video on how to do it)))


Do we have any office supplies or craft junkies? Maybe some scrapbook queens?

I LOVE organizing my crafts and office spaces with Thirty-One!!! If your best Christmas present this year was a pack of Sharpies…this is your favorite album:)


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for partying with me.

Guess what?

I truly appreciate meeting new people and I’m so thankful for the support from all of my hostesses and their friends.  If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I would be happy to help in any way.

This is the end of our Facebook portion, but you have until March 14th to place your orders!

For every $35 you spend, you get to choose one of these amazing bags for HALF OFF!! Your discounted prices are below!

Tons of Funds: $29

Sling-Back Bag: $22.50

Paris: $39

Organizing Shoulder Bag: $22.50

Thanks a million for supporting your hostess this week!!

If you’re ready, just go the website, click on ORDER, then find your hostesses name!

Smiles and Hugs,

Melissa Fietsam,

Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

order now

So there it is. My complete 4 day Facebook party. I really hope this helps some consultants out there who are looking for the words to say. I hope this blesses someone a million times over!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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11 thoughts

  1. How do you do the Thirty-One Personality Profile?

    On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 10:16 AM, Melissa Fietsam, wrote:

    > Melissa Fietsam posted: “March Facebook Party Script**below you will find > my entire 4 day Facebook script for March 2016 with all images. I want to > make it FUN for my hostesses and guests!! So this is my 4 day Facebook > party I have created: 1. 4 posts a day 2. I post us” >


  2. Can’t wait to use this! I have a party starting Wednesday, running through the weekend, so with a little improvisation, this is perfect! Awesome as always, Melissa! I hope you realize how much we ALL appreciate your hard work and effort you put in for us, we are all learning from the BEST! Hope your steak was good 😉


  3. I’m new to Thirty-One and ALL of your videos are AWESOME!!! You have quelled any doubts or hesitations I had!! I spent 3 days working on my FB script in Word and loading my “secret” page. I’ve asked some of my friends to let me practice on them before I have my first party March 19…….and guess what?!? I’m only a little nervous thanks to you! Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!


  4. I watched the video! You said to watch it so I did. See people listen. 🙂 Thank you so much for all your hard work! Carol


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