How about planting some booking seeds with a HUGE dose of customer service?

Here’s the plan! The idea for this image came from Emily Trowbridge, so we have her to thank! I just added my plan and words to make it easy for YOU!

On the same day of each month, let’s say March 25th…

I go to my back office and pull all orders from February. And then I send this text message to every customer I have a phone # for.

It’s asking them:

  1. If there was anything wrong with their order
  2. If they were interested in booking
  3. and you could even put the current customer special in case they simply wanted to place a new order

I believe my message with this picture will be:

Hi there! Just checking in to make sure you love your product as much as I do and see if you were able to get everything you wanted last month? Because I’d love to help you earn some more for FREE:)

This is going to take CONSISTENT COMMITMENT. I chose the 25th because everyone from the previous month should already have their product. Think of the possibilities of follow up and customer service. #TopNotch right? 🙂

Here’s my graphic and you can either create your own or Night Owl Custom Design can make one for you. Super easy! I’m not very good at graphics, so she can do it for me. Saves me time…which = $$$ in my world.

Here’s the link to order yours:!/Texting-Image-BOOKING-seed/p/62113436


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

#customerservice #31 #31bag #31bags #thirtyone #thirtyonegifts #followup

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