This is Part 3 of how to gain CONSISTENT sales in your Thirty-One business. The third part is BINGO!

Watch this video and then find all the instructions below to host your own Thirty-One BINGO:

Now you can find all the STEPS to host a Thirty-One BINGO Event right here:

So here’s the main setup of the event:

7:00pm-7:30pm: individual party presentations at each table (if there are multiple consultants. If not, you’re presenting for the whole crowd)

7:30pm-8:00pm: EAT and ORDER

8:00pm-9:00pm: everyone plays BINGO together

Where do you hold the event:


K of C Halls

Eagles Hall

Coffee Shops

Church Gym

School Gym

Your House

Hotels have conference rooms

YMCA’s have party rooms

Sometimes Gyms have rooms to rent

Post on Facebook looking for a hall to rent…people will HELP YOU!

Don’t let the venue be your excuse. If you really want to find a place…you will. And when you tell them you’re going to rent it every month…they’ll be more willing to listen. Also, don’t tell the it’s for a BINGO. Tell them it’s for a Thirty-One party. You’re not actually hosting a bingo because you’re not charging for ANYTHING. It is just a party!

How do you cover the cost of the venue:

If you’re doing this alone…the cost is all on you.

If you hold this with other consultants, each consultant pays $10 to rent their party space/table

Do you charge people to come:

NO! Make this a FREE event. They get one card just for coming. In Ohio, we cannot play BINGO or charge for cards without a gambling license.

All cards are FREE

Attendance is FREE

They get 1 card for every $10 they spend

They get 2 cards for bringing a friend

They get 2 cards for bringing a snack to share with their table

They get 4 cards for booking their own show

They get 6 cards for joining your team

They get 2 cards for bringing an outside order from a friend with them

**It doesn’t matter HOW MANY cards you give away…there’s only one winner per round. 

I also like to tie it to my charity push. If they bring a gently used bag to donate they get 2 cards

What supplies do you need:


You can order here:


Here’s your link to order yours:

There are also BINGO Apps on your phone that you can use if you want to eliminate this fee. However, if you don’t have wifi or your phone dies…you’re in trouble. So i would definitely suggest a backup deck of cards at some point. I personally like the cards!


I use paper cards. I get about 1,000 cards for $10

1 (2)

Here is a link to buy yours:


This is what they use to cover their #’s when they’re called

Yep. Beans. So flipping easy it’s not even funny. You don’t want them using stampers because they reuse the same cards each round.

1 (2)


you use these to put the beans in and set on the tables.

1 (2)

What do I give for prizes:

If it is JUST YOU:

key fobs

oh snap bins

products you acquired for cheap

one bigger grand prize for one of the rounds, like an LUT or something you got pretty cheap

If it’s you and OTHER consultants:

Each consultant donates a $20 or more VALUE prize

You use these for the bingo rounds

**it is more cost effective to do this with other consultants

**collect basket upfront in case they don’t show up, you still have basket

**make sure everyone knows prize and $ 10 fee are non refundable


There you go! NOW GO DO IT!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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