Each day of the week I post a list of things our team can work on for a specific topic. This week, I’ll be posting those each day for YOU…so you and your teams can find some focus and tips also!

These are scheduled in Cinchshare.com, so it makes my job easy to help THEM.

Here is Monday, Hostess Coaching tasks:


20 Minutes a Week of HOSTESS COACHING

• Send thank you letters to all hostesses from past week
• Send your hostess the hostess portal link and password so she can fill out her guest list. Those emails
will FOREVER be in your back office. Do whatever you have to in order to get your hostess to fill out her
guest list
• Ask for your hostesses Top 3. Mail them a packet with an incentive to collect $50 in orders for your
• Send a Red Stamp reminder to your hostess for a “Last chance to order”. She can email, Fb message, FB
post, or text her friends with her party info
• Send happy mail to past hostesses
• Input any orders
• Message ALL hosts. Ask how they’re doing and if they need anything
• Message ALL hosts and let them know how much in online orders they have
• File old parties into a binder/folders…however you file those
• Fill out new hostess tracking sheets or however you track your hostess. You BETTER be tracking your
hostesses. You need all their information in ONE spot
• Make hostess packets
• Follow up with hostesses to make sure everything was okay with the product they received
• Check shipping status of party and update hostesses
• Ask your hostess for her top 5 products she wants to earn for free. Keep her engaged. I tell mine I will
show her top 5 favorites at the party. Chances are, her friends may have similar tastes.
• Send her a few tips on getting some extra orders if she’s having a hard time
• Tell your hostess if she sells 5 customer specials before a certain date, she’ll get one for free (if it’s
cheap and you think you could add it to someone else’s order). Or tell her you’ll take $5 off her order. Something to give her the goal!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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2 thoughts

  1. Hi Melissa! I am so happy to have found you online!! I appreciate all you do for everyone and think you are just the epitome of what Thirty-one stands for. Thank you for all you do. I’m a new consultant and also new at utilizing social media and all these marketing tools. I don’t have Cinchshare and will have to wait to get it until my thirty-one income catches up with my thirty-one outcome!! I will get there eventually, I’m sure! I’ll keep learning from other sources in the meantime. My director is fantastic and a great help. (Amy Woodard) I’ve just ordered decals for our cars on Etsy (husband agreed to sport them along with carrying catalogs) and was shopping for business cards there and saw your card used for their prototype! Now I just have to figure out where a high resolution picture of me would be. (At my age, low resolution would be beneficial, though!) Anyway, I just checked my mail and there you were again, so I took it as a sign to reach out and say thank you for all the help you offer these thirty-one women! Sincerely, Julie Cahill

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