Each day of the week I post a list of things our team can work on for a specific topic. This week, I’ll be posting those each day for YOU…so you and your teams can find some focus and tips also!

These are scheduled in Cinchshare.com, so it makes my job easy to help THEM.

Here is Tuesday, Customer Service tasks:


20 Minutes a Week of Customer Service:

  • Call or message people who ordered. Make sure they love it. “Were you able to get everything you wanted?”
  •  Send a thank you text with estimated shipping to all guests that were at a recent party
  •  Mail thank you notes to anyone who has ordered in the last week
  •  Send Red Stamp thank you to anyone who has ordered in the last week
  • Go through your Facebook and INTERACT with your customer’s post on THEIR pages
  •  Pick 3 people a week to send a “haven’t seen you in a while” nail file and mini catalog
  •  Check on any returns and get those customers updated
  •  Check your voicemail. Yes, I have to remind myself to do this
  •  Message 10 past customers and don’t mention a single thing about 31. Just thinking of you today! “Something” made me think of you…
  • Read a paragraph in a direct sales BOOK about customer service
  • Research direct sales and customer service to get some new ideas
  •  Post a “thank you for your order” to all customers who have placed an order in all your Facebook events

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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