So this is just a FUN way to get some parties booked in a very focused manner.

I’m going to show you how after you watch this quick video:

So, you’re going to want to go back through past hostesses. These are people who have booked BEFORE. And haven’t booked in a long time!

Go back one year and start working backwards.

Put a flier in the bottle and some kind of FUN. Whether it’s sand and shells, confetti, smarties candy, get creative and FUN with this!

Slap a label right on the bottle and the most important thing is FOLLOW UP! Make sure you’re following up with these people one week after you mail them.

I also used a cute little strip of fabric tape form the Dollar Tree to seal the bottom and wrote “open here” on it with a Sharpie marker! Dollar Tree also has sand and sea shells!

This cost me $2.45 to mail.


On the first piece of paper you’ll want to have:

  1. a “S.O.S.-I miss you” letter!
  2. Here’s what’s coming in May…and show customer and hostess specials

Here’s mine:


On the second piece of paper:

  1. have a mystery hostess gift coupon that is ONLY good in May (or the following month)
  2. make SURE you put a message like “Book a party for next month and get this Mystery Gift that is ONLY good in May!”
  3. Also add…TEXT ME “i’m ready to book a party” and I’ll get your easy peezy party to go packet on it’s way TODAY (and list your phone #)

Here’s mine:


And there you go. Put a smile on someone’s face with some FUN happy mail and get some parties on the books for this summer. People are busy…but sometimes busy is GOOD. So really focus on those catalog parties for the summer months when people are all over the place. Really focus on people getting their summer bags for FREE. Everyone needs some good bags for summer…why not help them get them FREE!

Here is a link to buy these online, hhoever they’re nowhere near as CHEAP than if you go to the store and use a coupon!!:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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