So I did it. I jumped. I tried something SO out of my box that I was literally ILL for 2 days over the anxiety of it. And MAN did it pay off big time.

First…watch this video. Because I think this will help you to understand that you HAVE to jump. You HAVE to try new things.

I jumped and guess what happened in a span of 48 hours?

  1. I had one LIVE event with 7 hostesses
  2. I added 150 people to my customer group
  3. I added 8 new Hostess of the Month Club members. brand new customers
  4. I had my HOTM members ordering JUST to take part in this event
  5. I have a potential recruit
  6. And I booked 2 parties

Watch this video and then I’m going to show you HOW I did it:


Now watch THIS video explaining exactly what I did. If you don’t…you’re not going to understand fully what I did and WHY and HOW:

Step 1:

I posted this in every hostess event I had going on this month.

*Now Thirty-One has Hostess Grab Bags on our business supplies. You could easily get the $20 grab bag once a month to use as the give aways for this event.


Step 2:

I messaged THIS to each of my hostesses (and attached the picture above):

Hi Amy! We’re going to do a “live” event in my Facebook group that will hopefully increase your sales for your party!

I would love for you to pick 10 of your closest friends, and anyone who posts “heck yeah” in your party to invite them, to this event. So you’ll go to my customer page, add them there, and then get them added to that event called Great Big Giveaway in May.

So you can send a personal message to them and say, hey! Do you mind if I add you to my Thirty-One girl’s event where she’s giving away a bunch of prizes tomorrow night?

And then if she says yes… you can add her to both:) This is the post I’m referring to in your party:)

Step 3:

I created THIS event INSIDE of my customer group on Facebook. So this was to include my personal customers in my customer group already, to this LIVE event for my hostesses:


Here’s the banner graphic I made for it:


Step 4:

On Day 4 of all my hostesses individual facebook parties…I posted this (this was a reminder and instructions for them to join my customer group, and then join the event):

Don’t forget about our LIVE event TONIGHT! 20 minutes of GIVEAWAYS! Over $200 in prizes being given away!

To get on that event:
1. Request to join this page: (((INSERT LINK TO CUSTOMER GROUP)))

2. And then Click GOING on this event: (((INSERT LINK TO EVENT INSIDE OF CUSTOMER GROUP)))

Step 5:

Another reminder inside all of the regular Facebook events I had going on for my hostesses:

All set up!
I spy some giveaways…who wants that Cindy Tote?!
Make sure you find the event and click on GOING so you don’t miss it!
9pm tonight eastern time, right here on Facebook!

You’re going to get a sneak peek at my Top 10 May product picks AND….a sneak peek at JUNE customer and hostess specials! Woot woot!To get on that event:
1. Request to join this page:((INSERT LINK TO CUSTOMER GROUP))


Step 6:

I posted this in the Great Big Giveaway Event.

I had to track order totals racking up. But other than that, they told me when they added a friend or something to earn extra tickets.

I also just clicked on the event and gave each of the 80 people who clicked GOING to the event…one ticket each.

It wasn’t that hard to track the tickets.


This is your ticket counter!
You will track your own # of tickets below!

1 for RSVPing to the event on another page with heck yeah!

1 for clicking GOING to the event on this page, so you don’t miss any posts!

1 for every $10 you spend on your Hostesses party before or during the event!

2 tickets for each friend you invite who clicks GOING!

5 for booking your own show FUN Facebook party in June!

10 tickets for JOINING our team!

There’s a special LIVE event tomorrow night RIGHT HERE at 9pm Eastern for just 20 minutes where you could win
1. A Cindy Tote ($70 value)
2. Canvas Bag ($50)
3. Thermal zipper pouch ($15)
**And a few random giveaways!

Step 7:

I posted THIS inside of the Great Big Giveaway in May event:


Step 8:

Here is my LIVE EVENT (I was a nervous wreck, no judging allowed):

Here are the notecards I used for my LIVE event:




So there you have it! After the party was over and I did another LIVE video announcing winners, I told them I would do another drawing in the morning for the late birds.  Had a few more orders and they loved it.

All in all, this event:

  1. Booked me 8 parties total including SIX new Hostess of the Month Club members
  2. increased sales greatly
  3. got a potential recruit
  4. added 115 people to my customer group
  5. got my hostesses more engaged
  6. got my CURRENT hostess of the month club members engaged and excited

This was ALL done during my NEW Facebook party script with 4 LIVE videos that were pre-recorded and used in each event. Here is that script for you to see what was going on in their individual Facebook parties. I’ve never, in 7 years, had this much participation in my Facebook events. It was PHENOMENAL. And i will never do it any other way!

Hope this helps ladies!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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