Posted in my customer group.

This is something I’m doing to:

  1. increase my sales in June.
  2. gain some hostesses
  3. get in touch with some old hostesses
  4. try something fun and out of the box:)


I have no idea what I’m doing except a group party. LOL!
I’m going to send this in my newsletter to my customers too. And maybe text some past hostesses!!
***Just think. If you NAIL THIS>>>> that’s over $800 in SALES!!


Find a Thirty-One consultant

Who remembers 4 Square?!!
I’ve got something special for YOU! This is going to be SO easy and SO MUCH FUN!

I’m looking for FOUR people in JUNE who want to earn:
1. $25 in FREE PRODUCT
**if there’s a summer bag you’ve been eye balling…this is your chance to have some fun and GET IT at a BIG discount!

You guys will be added to one BIG Facebook party and add your friends…no more than 20 people each! And I will take care of everything else!
You will:
1. get a special 4 square hostess packet in the mail
2. we will have extra special prizes for an extra special event
3. And you’ll all be added to the GREAT BIG GIVEAWAY in JUNE (with extra tickets for YOU)!
This will start June 1st and last 4 days!! ALL ONLINE! PARTY IN YOUR PJs with your favorite Thirty-One consultant!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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