It’s a new Thirty-One Fiscal Year. That means it’s time to do a few house cleaning things in your business.

  1. You need to assess what worked.
  2. You need to assess what didn’t work.

Without understanding how your year went, you have no basis to move forward and improve in any way.

Last year, I focused on New Consultants. And simplifying my business. And you know what improved? New Consultant qualification rate and my own personal sales. Funny thing happens when you FOCUS on something…you IMPROVE it.

This year, my “word” is SIMPLIFY and SYSTEMS.

Last year I removed all the bells and whistles. From everything. I got back to the basics of my business:

  1. Booking

  2. Recruiting

  3. Sales

  4. Customer Service

I looked at every aspect of what I was DOING. And then figured out how I could simplify the process to: remove any confusion, make it time efficient for ME and my customers, to make sure it was income producing, and to evaluate if it was even WORKING. I learned a lot about my business last year. And it was my highest sales in 8 years. Last fiscal year, you saw my Facebook party go from 2 weeks, 2 7 days, to 4 days. Intentional. And now it’s working better than ever before.

So all week I’m going to be giving you tips on simplifying your business and creating systems that WORK.

And my first tip to you today, SIMPLIFY your hostess coaching and your hostess packets. I removed all the extra pages, the scratch offs, the 2 page hostess coaching explanation, the envelopes, the invitations, EVERYTHING. You know what has gone in my hostess packets for the last year?

  1. 3 catalogs
  2. 5 order forms
  3. How to order guide
  4. monthly special flier
  5. Bundles sheet flier (the monthly customer special bundle deals)
  6. recruiting flier
  7. 5 mini catalogs with a postcard that shows them “how to order from my party” for the hostess to hand out to her friends

I found that my hostesses were not USING anything. They weren’t looking at anything. I was wasting time and money on so many things that weren’t working. The invitations I was mailing were not income producing. The bells and whistles weren’t working.

I make up these hostess packets ahead of time and the only thing I have to add is the monthly special flier and bundle flier. I simplified the system SO much…that envelopes are ready to mail with my return address label on them already. Only thing I have to do is add those 2 fliers, put it in the envelope, add their address, and mail it. No more dropping off either. It’s systematic now. They all get mailed. Does it cost me a penny? yeah. But they get out immediately. It’s not hanging over my head, I don’t forget, and it’s FAST. My hostesses appreciate it and rely on it now.

So today…take a moment to look at your systems.

What is working? And what is NOT?

Thirty-One Gifts

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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