Here we go! Yesterday we talked about the need to simplify all aspects of your direct sales business. We focused on hostess packets specifically.

Today…is clean up day:

  1. Clean up your emails
  2. Clean up your computer


How many of you get unwanted emails from: Staples, Kohls, Best Buy, magazines, stores you’ve bought from, etc.?

Do you know how much time a messy inbox takes from you? A LOT.

I want you to start UNSUBSCRIBING from every single email that doesn’t benefit you in some way. No more spam. Get rid of all of it.

There’s also a website called that will do this FOR YOU. You may not even know how many you’re subscribed to. But this website will get you out of ALL of them that you choose. You can actually click the ones you want to be removed from.


How many of you have over 200 emails in your inbox?

I want you to take an hour and GET RID OF THEM. Set aside some time to get it under control.

You’re not helping yourself to see the important messages you NEED to see, when it’s full of junk and things you don’t need. You should make it a goal to clean up your inbox weekly.

For important emails you don’t want to lose…make folders! ORGANIZE your CHAOS! 🙂

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Organize your desk top into folders.

How much time do you waste looking for files? Can’t find this, can’t find that. Team member asks you for something and you spend 20 minutes looking for something? Not me. I can send something in less than 60 seconds of someone asking me for something!

This is just an example of a FEW folders I have. But I have a folder for EVERYTHING. When someone asks me for something, I know right where it’s at. When I see something great, I save it into that folder. I have files from 2010…I have an entire library of things at my fingertips because of how organized my desktop is.

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Here are some examples of folders you need:

  1. hostess coaching
  2. recruiting
  3. trainings
  4. customer service
  5. booking
  6. 12 months (i have sub folders with each MONTH). So I save turkey trots and halloween ideas and Christmas ideas and Valentines day ideas….
  7. Monthly folder for bundle pics and specials fliers and all those things you need on a monthly basis
  8. bingo
  9. auction
  10. opportunity event
  11. facebook party
  12. hostess of the month club
  13. social media
  14. great big give away
  15. party presentation
  16. guest packets
  17. new consultants

The list goes on and on. You should never have to waste time LOOKING for a file.

Simplify is the name of the game! Use your time WISELY!! This is a good start to a brand new Thirty-One Fiscal Year!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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