This week we’re talking about simplifying your Thirty-One business to increase your success.

We’re talking about assessing your last fiscal year in order to improve your NEW fiscal year.

A great quote I saw:

“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be”~John Wooden

If you don’t crunch some #’s and look at what worked, and what didn’t work…you don’t have the tools to move forward and make progress.

One thing I learned from last year, is that I can’t do it all.

And neither can you.

I learn a certain way. And I teach a certain way. Not everyone relates to the way I think and teach. I’m really not built to be an emotional creature. I’m more of a workhorse. I’m the person you come to in order to fix something.

But our team needs a variety of people to learn from, as do I. There’s so many great leaders out there. And by leader, I don’t speak in titles. I don’t believe titles define your leadership skills. But there are other people out there that our team needs to hear from. I am not the end all. NO ONE is but the Man above. And a leader who makes you feel otherwise is not after your own good, they’re looking out for bettering themselves. You should always be seeking new ways to learn, new people to learn from, and you should ALWAYS be learning. Period.

So this past year I brought on a whole team of people I trust. I had other leaders doing calls for our team. And in turn, I agreed to train their team.

We also started doing GROUP trainings with other leaders. We would make a group on Facebook and collaborate. Either, someone would do the whole training for all of our teams together, or we worked together on the whole training and invited all of our teams. I’ve LEARNED so much from all of this. We even did a 10 week leadership training and combined our teams for it.

It saved me time, it saved me energy, it gave our team a new voice to hear, and new ideas to hear. It really transformed the dynamics of our team. And you know what happens when YOU share with others? Others share with YOU. We simply have this amazing network of friendships and teams now. And I’m so grateful for all the doors we’ve opened this past year.

So my advice to you today: Stop thinking you have to do it all. Find others you trust.

If you’re a consultant…post on pages looking for other leaders. I went on Facebook about 6 years ago and asked if there were any other leaders out there willing to meet with me to share ideas. I found my best buddy Melanie Moore who wasn’t even with my company. To do this day, she is one of my most valued friendships. You don’t have to do this alone. But you have to be willing to work hard enough to find someone willing to do this with you.

If you’re a Director…simply ask. Thirty-One is a different breed of sisterhood. You will find someone who will work with you. You will find some who fit, and some who don’t. But I promise you will make friends. I promise you have something someone can benefit from. We all do. And you will find someone who will benefit YOU. And the friendships you will make in the process will become lifelong friends.

Open the door today. Open the door to possibilities you didn’t even know existed…by taking some of the burden off yourself and working together the way God intended us to do so. He gave us all talents. Together…we can accomplish amazing things:)

Just this week…Sabrina Hayes from Georgia rescued me from Facebook Jail and hosted a training I had planned for our team. And Tanya Wezensky from Michigan met with a new consultant of mine all the way in Michigan to help her with her launch party. Christina Rupracht in New York, she talks me off the ledge regularly and I love her to pieces. Marta Guinn in Indiana, just keeps me smiling:) Tiffany Wellinghoff is close to me. And frequently saves my butt from all kinds of things. HA! This sisterhood we are a part of, it’s truly amazing. And you should explore the wonderful world of Thirty-One people that spans across the entire United States. With technology these days…miles are no boundary. Friendships come near and far! Reach out for some support this year with your goals. You’ll be glad you did!

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Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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