Okay, here’s something FUN to help you earn your Ready, Set, Sell…a PIE THROWING CONTEST!

The fun part is this: When we hit $600 in orders, I’m going to let one of my customers smash a pie in my face via Facebook LIVE. I will literally drive to their house with a chair and a pie. And I think I have a few customers who will be fighting over this honor. LOL!

Check out this video and then see the details below:

So this is just like a “Turkey Trot” with a social media TWIST.

You get 6 people to collect $100 in orders and you submit one big $600 party and split the hostess rewards between those 6 Hosts.

**Please note: you will want to CHANGE this graphic in some way so we don’t all get thrown in Facebook jail. Add a border, or your name to the bottom, or something to make it different before you upload it to your customer page!

thirty-one teams incentive for sales

Here’s the breakdown of what they earn if you hit $600 in sales:

1. Any item half off
2. $25 Gift Certificate
3. One hostess exclusive item
4. One hostess exclusive item
5. Back Pack or Take Two Tote
6. $31 Gift Certificate
7. $31 Gift Certificate
8. Any item half off

What we’re actually asking them to do is ALL social media. I created this PDF of our July bundles. And I’m asking my customers to simply sell TWO bundles (that will get them to $100 most likely): JULY BUNDLES PDF

Then I uploaded it to a site called ISSUU so I can send it as a TEXT.

PIE THROWING CONTEST TEXT: https://issuu.com/buymybags/docs/new_july_bundle

Here’s a sample post in your customer group:


HEY HEY! It’s a Pie Throwing Contest! All you have to do:

~Is share this LINK with a few of your friends

~Sell 2 bundles

~And YOU get to pick one of these Hostess gifts below!!

~If you end up selling FOUR bundles, you get Hostess gifts 1-3!

It’s really that easy! You can text this link, post it on your Facebook page, email the link, or send in a Facebook message. You can also PRINT the bundles (when you click on the link) and show it to your friends at work or out and about!

Here’s your LINK: https://issuu.com/buymybags/docs/new_july_bundle

Who wants to give it a shot?! Post ME below! Can’t hurt to TRY!!

thirty-one teams incentive for sales


Here is the “launch video” I posted in my customer page about this pie throwing contest. Just so you can hear my wording for it:


This really is one of the easiest things you can do. And one of the easiest things your CUSTOMERS can do.


**Let them know the first person to submit orders gets to PICK their hostess benefit. This encourages them to collect and get them in.

**Let everyone know that if they sell 4 bundles, they get all hostess benefits 1-3, don’t ASSUME they know that.

**Want to get fancy? PRINT the bundles and send it to them.

**Day 1-text them the link…Day 2-FB message them the link…Day 3-email it to them…with tips on how to message a few people, text a few people, etc. HELP THEM. Don’t just sit back and hope it turns out great.

**Hey…don’t forget YOU can sell them too. Text your favorite buying customers, customers with kids heading back to school…and SELL SOME YOURSELF!!

** I will start a texting blitz myself. By messaging all past hostesses first. And asking them if they want to give this a shot.

**I will probably post DAY 2 and let everyone know that anyone who turns in $100 in orders will get one of my very first FALL catalogs in the mail.


Hope this helps someone earn their RSS!!

Melissa FIetsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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