So…I love me a Thirty-One party!! For our new Thirty-One consultants, it’s time to book your launch party!


Thirty-One Gifts

I’m going to give you:

  1. A party presentation to watch
  2. All print outs you need
  3. And a guide and files to make your guest packets for your home shows!

First, watch how easy this party presentation is when you read right from the script!!

So first, here is your brand new fall 2016 party presentation guide to print and hold during your presentation:!AkYgT2PVhSEHiAEqblHWsLCpDf-Y

Second, here’s how you make your guest packets!


  1. 1/2 inch binder with clear sleeve on front. OR you can use a 3 prong folder
  2. pictures of you and your family or “story”
  3. customer special flyer
  4. bundles print out (provided on our team page each month
  5. catalog
  6. order form
  7. door prize slips (available for $1 on business supplies
  8. Ask me about my job flyer
  9. booking flyer
  10. recruiting flyer

Here is your folder to print guest packet files. All files are not updated for fall but will updated as we do them. A big thank you to Bridgett Edwards who creates our beautiful flyers for us!:!AkYgT2PVhSEHhi1KYNet0v2K8yx0

Happy partying ladies!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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