Using Dropbox for my product cards has been a lifesaver on so many different occasions.

  1. Let me tell you what it is
  2. Get the app on your phone AND computer
  3. And then never be unprepared again!

Watch this quick video to show you how easily I can pull up the product cards from my phone:

So what is DropBox?

Dropbox is a file sharing system. It’s FREE.

You can put this on your computer and keep all files and folders in this “app” so that no matter where you’re at, or whatever device you’re on, you can always access your files on the go!

And let’s not forget to mention, let’s say your computer crashes (insert GASP!). You can still access any files and folders you kept on dropbox. So I store ALL my folders and files on my Dropbox.

It acts just like storing it on your “desktop” on your computer. Instead of “save to desktop”….you “save to dropbox”. EASY.

This might also keep you out of Facebook Jail!

I am currently in Facebook jail AGAIN because I uploaded these product cards to 2 team pages. It doesn’t like you doing anything twice, none the less a ton of pictures. So if you’d like to keep yourself out of Facebook Jail, learn from me! Use THIS to share things with your team. Each folder has the option to make it private or get a “sharable” link. Just like OneDrive or Google Drive.

Now how do I use it for product cards?

I downloaded the entire catalog’s product cards and have access to them in ONE click from my phone. And the best part? They’re automatically put into alphabetical order in drop box. So when someone asks to see what patterns the zip top organizing utility totes come in…I just pull that product card and text it to them. Or someone orders a product in a pattern that doesn’t exist…I just just send them the product card with the patterns that ARE available. SO easy. And so productive when it comes to your time, and most importantly, your CUSTOMER SERVICE! Here is what the Drop Box app looks like:

You’ll want to download Dropbox on your computer first. Then load all of your current folders, into your Dropbox folder.  Just Google Dropbox!

And here is what Dropbox looks like from my phone. All my folders on my computer easily accessed right from my phone! This is the folder I had for the Spring product cards. Now I have my fall product cards folder.

Here is a folder with all FALL PRODUCT CARD graphics so you can start your OWN:)


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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