Okay ladies! Time to show off the new fall Thirty-One catalog with a BANG!

And since I’m in Facebook jail, everyone’s gonna have to do this training right along with Team Trendy. LOL!

We’re going to do a fall fashion show right inside our customer group. NOT an event. I mean, posting an entire Facebook party right inside your customer group!

Watch this quick video to learn more about the Fall Fashion Show:

Step 1: get your customer group excited about some giveaways and a Facebook event:

Guess what?! We’re going to kick off the new fall catalog with a 4 day event RIGHT HERE in your VIP group! There’s going to be giveaways, you’ll get to see some new fall product, and have some FUN with me (your favorite Thirty-One consultant)!! So stay tuned!! Who’s excited to win some FREE STUFF?!

Step 2: Set up the 4 day August Facebook script in your customer group. Here’s the LINK to that 4 day event for you!


Step 3: You’re going to get yourself prepared for the LIVE event in your customer group:

The great Big Giveaway in August. And Melissa doesn’t CARE if you hate videos. Or you don’t like the way you look. Or you don’t know HOW to do a LIVE video. I’m telling you right now, you need to LEARN! Jump, then figure out how to land on your way down!!

Check out this link for more details on how to do the Great Big Giveaway:


Step 4: We have to integrate some incentives for your CUSTOMERS to start adding their friends to your customer page for the LIVE event

Here’s an example:

You ready to earn some more TICKETS?!

You can earn ONE ticket for EVERY 5 people you add to our VIP group here! Deal is, you have to ask their permission and you have to post below how many tickets you get so I can get your tickets added to the prize bucket!! So keep count and start asking your friends if they’d like to join in on the fun too!! Cause THEY will get a ticket just for JOINING this group as a new member!!

Thirty-One Gifts facebook event

**Now, you’re going to need to push this out a few times before the event. Posting a reminder about this is BIG! You can’t just post once and give up!


Who’s IN?! Who’s ready to kick the fall catalog season into HIGH GEAR?

Who’s ready to earn their spot in a K group so you can do product testing?

Who’s ready to earn some Start Swell kits?

Who’s ready to double their paychecks this fall?

Let me give you a HINT…It’s not gonna happen on it’s own. Time to get to WORK! Time to get out of your box and work like Team Trendy works. BIGGER. Let’s do this ladies!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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