I simply can’t say it enough.

If you’re not using cinchshare.com to schedule your social media posts to Facebook and Pinterest, you’re really missing the mark. And I have 5 WEEKS FREE TRIAL for you!

Go to www.cinchshare.com and use the code: PINKCINCH


Let’s see if this is YOU:

  1. you’re feeling overwhelmed
  2. you’re forgetting to post in your customer group regularly
  3. you’re forgetting to remind your team certain things monthly
  4. you’re not keeping up with your Facebook parties or don’t even know where to start
  5. you’re pulling your hair out because you have too much on your plate
  6. you think direct sales is HARD

If any of those describe you…you need Cinchshare.

I was feeling overwhelmed:

A couple of years ago I made the decision to increase my sales and bookings. Great. It worked. But I didn’t have the first CLUE what to do with all those Facebook parties. I had tried other social media scheduling sites and nothing compared to the ease and accuracy of Cinchshare. I have NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, had a problem with something posting when I scheduled in CinchShare. In over 2 years. I am no longer overwhelmed.

Batch Posting changed my life:

I set up ONE Facebook event for the whole month. And then I can literally copy/paste and schedule the WHOLE event, every single post…into another event that month! I don’t have to spend an hour scheduling. Like 5 minutes TOPS. And you better believe I book those parties up until the last minute in the month!

I was forgetting to post:

I was not posting regularly in my customer group. I was losing engagement, going weeks at a time without posting, making ridiculous mistakes because I was posting in a hurry, and I wasn’t posting what i NEEDED to. Because I was always in a hurry when I did.

Now with Cinchshare, I post regular booking, recruiting, sales, and FUN posts. And it’s all on MY TIME. When I have time to sit down and concentrate on what I want to get across. It’s a game changer

Reminders to the team:

For example, on the first of every month, I remind my team what to do on that first day. But you know what? I’m crazy busy that day myself. So I can go in ahead of time, get everything ready, and take my time and then SCHEDULE that post. Best thing EVER!

I was forgetting things in Facebook events:

It was so bad, that I would set up a party and then totally forget to post things in it. I would say, oh, I’ll do this and this…and never do ANY of it! And now, it’s all done in 10 minutes of scheduling. And I can schedule 10 parties at the SAME TIME. And then if I want to ADD a post to all my parties one day, I don’t have to post in 10 different events. I go to Cinchshare and schedule one post to all 10 events. BAM! Done in 2 seconds flat.

I was feeling like maybe I bit off more than I could chew:

By forgetting things, missing posts, etc…it was affecting my whole business. I would get down on myself. And then I wouldn’t do a good job at hostess coaching, at trying to book parties, at trying to recruit…it seriously messed with my head when I started losing control. Now, I’m on top of my game and spending time connecting with my customers and doing those things I need to do to INCREASE my business on a daily basis. Because Cinchshare is taking care of the rest. Direct sales is NOT HARD. But if you don’t work SMART, it can sure feel like it.

I got to know the people who run Cinchshare quite a while ago. And I LOVE them. They are true leaders. Their intentions are to HELP people. Just someone I call “good people”. And they’re SMART. So smart. And I love to surround myself with good, wholesome, smart people. I don’t have any intentions behind this post other than to tell everyone…if you’re not using it…you SHOULD BE. Period.

Have a great day everybody!!

Melissa FIetsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts



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