Here’s your Top 10 Reasons to NOT Become a Thirty-One Consultant:

#10: You have too many bags.


You will earn so much free product, incentive product, add on kits, hostess rewards, and SO much more…that if you have too many bags…this job simply isn’t for you.

#9:Your house is so organized, you don’t need any help. #INeedYouAtMyHouseStatIfThisIsYou

I have Thirty-One in every room in my house. And every cupboard. Thirty-One is the BEST organizing tool in my circus of angry, overactive, jacked up on fruit snacks, too much like their mother, children. If you don’t need some free and half price organizing products…best to stay clear of being a Thirty-One consultant.

#8: You don’t do gifts. 

I have to buy gifts ALL. YEAR. Long.

Like, every weekend there’s an:

“oops! mom i have a birthday party!”

or when you have 500 kids, heck, it’s probably all my own family’s…

teacher gifts

neighbor gifts

birthday gifts

wedding gifts

Christmas gifts

Halloween and Easter baskets

baby shower gifts…

If you don’t do gifts, don’t buy them, don’t need them, heck…maybe you don’t actually like PEOPLE to begin with…LOL Then this job is probably not your golden ticket to save gas money, time, and energy searching for them.

#7: You hate free trips

I like free trips. To all inclusive resorts. And trips to Miami Beach. And National Conference 3 day PARTY…but…if you don’t like to get away from your kids and everyday life…I need to know what medications you’re taking…and…you probably don’t need Thirty-One.

#6: You hate meeting new best friends


Some of my best friends in the world, are ladies I’ve met from Thirty-One. I don’t even know how I got through life before them. Pre-Thirty-One…ohhhh…scary thought!

If you would rather sit at home and watch re-runs by yourself, than be surrounded by a sisterhood of women who become your second family…well…you might not like our pretty pink bubble.

#5 You love going to your mailbox

Before Thirty-One, I hated going to my mailbox. Because there was always a bill that I couldn’t pay. I knew it. It was like walking the PLANK every time I went. Slow and steady…

Now, I pay ALL my bills for my family of 7, with my Thirty-One checks.

If you don’t want some extra pocket money, help paying for Jack’s baseball, making that car payment, taking a family vacation…then you probably don’t need us!

#4: You have more confidence than Kanye West

I’ve never been a public speaker, except when I’m yelling at my kids, and everyone can hear me…or felt at ease in a room full of women.

Since Thirty-One came into my life, I have confidence. I’m a woman #HearMeRoar

This girl got her girl back! I’m me. I’m not defined by insecurities or a lack of confidence.

But if you like to steal the mic like Kanye…you…might…not…need…us…

#3: You HATE giving back to your community

I was raised with a servant’s heart. My mother is an Earth Angel. So being part of Thirty-One and being able to invest my time and energy into fundraisers and causes that are true to my heart…has been one of the most rewarding things EVER!! Talk about filling your own cup!

But…if you’d rather be a hoarder and keep all that love and hugs and resources to yourself…I guess this probably isn’t the gig for you!

#2: You HATE being celebrated, encouraged, and rewarded

Thirty-One was founded on Proverbs 31. It’s all about celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding women. And from the moment you join, to the first time you call the call center, to your welcome call, to every little achievement you have within this company…you WILL be celebrated, you WILL be rewarded, and you WILL be encouraged along the way.

If you’ve got enough of that mushy stuff in your life with no room for more…you’re probably not ready for that tidal wave!

#1: You NEVER need to get away from your family

Like, okay…I love my family. I really do. 5 kids, another kid (i mean-husband), 3 cats, and a litter box that never gets cleaned…sometimes I just need to RUN…I mean…go to a party…I mean…go to work…

Sometimes a girl has just GOT TO GET AWAY!! And laugh, and eat people’s really good food they made, and meet new friends, and make money while doing it, and book MORE parties…so I can get away AGAIN…I mean…go to work again…

But…if you love them so much you want to hug them, and squeeze them, and never let them go…you probably wouldn’t like Thirty-One!

Hope you enjoyed! If you’re ready to join, you know where to find me!

And if you’d like more information on why you SHOULD join Thirty-One…check out this link;)

Melissa Fietsam,

Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts



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