Here’s a really fun way to get some bookings in your customer group!

Facebook LIVE videos are a GREAT way to:

  1. create a buzz

  2. get interaction

  3. get more views

  4. and increase your bookings!

I got these boxes at Dollar General for $1. You can essentially use anything to do this with. And the great thing is, you can mix it up with each holiday!

Make sure you’re showcasing the hostess and customer special.

Make sure you’re showing them their hostess packet they’ll get in the mail.

And make sure you let them know that all they have to do is collect $200 in orders and they’ll get:

  1. $25 in FREE
  2. any hostess exclusive item
  3. any item HALF PRICE!

SO EASY!! Have some fun with this! Put a Santa hat on, get excited!! When you’re excited…THEY ARE EXCITED!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

#thirtyone #thirtyonegifts #bookinggame #facebookLive #directsales

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