Here’s a way to increase sales for November with a Thirty-One Zipper Pouch Blitz!



Create your ZIP ME UP party on your website

Create a video with you and a zipper pouch!

Post this in your customer page:

Zipper pouches make a GREAT gift for Christmas to put all those little things in, and have a bag they can keep all year long!
And the more you buy, the more you save, because they’re on the customer special this month!

I have set up a party called ZIP ME UP! And if you place your order on this link by TOMORROW, you’ll also be entered in to win HOSTESS BENEFITS if we reach $200 in orders! These prices below include personalization on EACH ONE!

To see all the patterns, CLICK HERE:
((Insert your link))

To place your order CLICK HERE:

Stock up and SAVE! You can get:
1 for: $22
2 for: $44
3 for: $56
4 for: $78
5 for: $90
6 for: $112
7 for: $124

And here’s my customer video you can kind of copy words or what to say:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

#ThirtyOne #ZipperPouch #IncreaseSales #ThirtyOneGifts #DirectSales

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