What’s better than training? FREE training. Or donuts. Donuts are always good!

Cinchshare is one of the biggest and BEST tools in my direct sales business. If you don’t know how it could help you, or maybe you would like to learn some tips and tricks on how to use it better, there’s a FREE training tonight to help you do that. And it’s well worth your time!

What IS Cinchshare?

Cinchshare, social media platform

So if you would like to join the FREE training tonight, click on the link below to join!

If you can’t make it to the actual training time, you still want to click “GOING”. Because you can always go back and look through the training at a time that’s convenient for you.

This week’s training:

Are you looking for ways to MASTER CinchShare and use it to its fullest benefit for your business? Join us today as we share tips and training on every single feature that CinchShare offers our users.

This is a FACEBOOK-STYLE TRAINING – This entire training takes place right on this Facebook event. Just click GOING on the event, click on the Discussion tab and then watch the event wall for all of our  training posts!

Click on this link below to join the event and learn some Cinchshare tips and tricks!


Melissa Fietsam,

Director of Event Management at Cinchshare

#Cinchshare #SocialMedia #TimeManagement #DirectSales


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