Social Media. My LOVE and my PASSION!

There’s 3 types of people in Social Media:

1-I know nothing at all, and I think those who do… are deranged lunatics

2-I have every channel set up but I don’t actually know how to use them

3-They use them ALL and are madly in love!

Guess What?

We all started with knowing nothing at all. Even ME. But once you learn HOW to use them, you see the benefits TENFOLD in your business!

There’s a social media conference you need to know about. This is exactly what you’re looking for, no matter what stage you’re in through your social media journey. Check this out and then I’m going to give you details about everything you will learn at this conference.

So imagine this…

You go to this conference…you grab a couple friends or teammates to go with you…you laugh…you cry…maybe have a couple drinks…get a break from the daily grind…don’t have to change any diapers…get some FLORIDA SUN…you learn all weekend long how to grow your business…you go back full of knowledge…closer to your team and your friends…you might even miss your husband…and you INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS IN 2017.

This is for ALL consultants, all small businesses, every CEO who wants to do BETTER in 2017. You can do it. But not without the knowledge and skills to do it. What you will learn in ONE weekend, has taken me YEARS of my life to learn. This would be the BEST Christmas gift you could ever give to YOURSELF and your FAMILY. You will NOT regret investing the time into this conference. Check out more details and REGISTER TODAY:

These are just a few of the training topics you’re going to get:

1. Facebook: How to Sell Online and have Profitable Facebook Parties

Who wants to master their Facebook parties?

2. VIP Groups


Crickets? Want some more interaction?


3. Facebook Biz Page


This is a MUST. Let us tell you WHY and how to increase your customer reach


4. Facebook: How to Recruit Online Building Relationships


Would you like to grow your team? #HOLLA!


5. Facebook: How to Build & Support a Team Online


Learn how to communicate and build a community for your team and give them the training tools they need to succeed.


6. Facebook: How to Market & Network Your Business Online


Would you like to get more customers #IWould


7. Facebook Marketing Tips




8. Creating Original Content


Do you struggle with content and graphics? #DontWeAll


9. Facebook: Facebook LIVE


Oh no she didn’t! Learn how to increase your business with tips and tricks for Facebook LIVE


10. Pinterest for Business


Pinterest is one of the top search engines and playgrounds in the country. Do you know how to REALLY use it for your business? #BeAPinterestPro


11. Instagram for Business


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there. You HAVE to meet people where they’re at! And we’re going to show you HOW!


12. Twitter for Business


Twit. tweet. post? WHAT? #DontWorry #WeGotYou


13. YouTube for Business “The Power of Video”


Learn how to use YouTube to grow your business. It’s not hard. You just have to know HOW. #AndWeAreGoingToTeachYou


14. Blogging for Business


Learn what blogging can do for you #FromTheBlogBosses

Hope to see you there!!

Melissa Fietsam


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