There’s a FREE training tonight on Facebook that you don’t want to miss!



Are you a busy person with a lot on your plate?

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your business and life with everything you know you have to do? Are you desperate to find a way to be more productive and get things done? Join us TONIGHT with our collaborative trainer, Stephanie Frank, as she shares 5 Ways to Overcoming the Overwhelm! Be sure to invite your friends in direct sales who will benefit from this amazing training!

Join us to hear from Stephanie Frank, an Entrepreneurial and Executive Coach as she teaches us to “Tame the Overwhelm Tiger
To much to do? Too little time? In this short, powerful course, “Accidental” Millionaire Stephanie Frank will teach you her time-tested 5-step system to get out of overwhelm and into overdrive. Get ready to get productive!”


and join the training tonight! If you can’t make it to the LIVE event, just click “GOING” so you can come back on your own time and look through the training! Remember, the only thing better than free donuts…is FREE TRAINING!! Don’t miss it!!

Melissa Fietsam

Director of Events Management at Cinchshare


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