Here is one of the most successful things I do in my business.

Google surveys. They’re incredible for engagement and sucking information out of people.

WHY do they work?

Well, my theory is this. We, as women and human beings…cannot…NOT click on a  link. It’s like a dare. And if we don’t, we might be missing out on something. And then once they click on the link, well…there’s more information as you scroll…so you have to keep scrolling…and before you know it…dammit! You’ve filled out the entire survey! HAHA! That is what I picture in my head. Don’t stay in there too long, it’s a jungle!

So check out this video on how I used a Google survey to:

  1. get some more parties on the books
  2. create a giveaway for them to fill it out
  3. drop some HOTM
  4. and…drop some recruiting seeds while I’m at it. 

Watch for my next post, cause I’m going to walk you through “how to make that AWESOME Google Survey Melissa just made;)”

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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