So, for those of you who don’t know, Cinchshare is a lifesaver in so many ways.

And I want to make sure everyone knows you can try it for FREE for FIVE WEEKS. With the holidays, we’re busier than ever. So scheduling things is SO IMPORTANT to stay present in your business over the holidays!

What is Cinchshare?

It’s a social media scheduling site. You can go in and post all your Facebook party posts, your team reminders, posts to your timeline, posts to your customer group, etc. You can even schedule posts to Twitter!

So why would you want to use a scheduling site?

Quite simple. You can work on YOUR time. You’re not constantly glued to your phone or computer. You work on those posts when you have time. And then you can spend your days taking care of other business or being present with your family, while Cinchshare is running your social media for you.

So here’s 5 reasons why you should think about using Cinchshare:

Time Management:

I work my business in a very time efficient manner. I have time set aside to go in and schedule all my social media posts. So it may LOOK like I’m always posting great quotes, interactive posts, and posting to tons of parties…but Cinchshare is actually doing that for me. Because I have already gone in and scheduled those posts to post for me. It’s HUGE.


Life is busy. Life is chaotic. But you’re business doesn’t have to get put on hold. When you post to social media, your customer groups, your Twitter account, and much more…you’re showing your customers you are always open for business. And that’s very important in our business. Simply be “present”. Staying in front of them at all times. It makes YOU look like a professional. Because you’re a CEO, right? Cinchshare makes you look like a Direct Sales BOSS LADY. But it allows you to do that on your own time. When YOU have time to sit down and work on those posts.


One big mistake I made in my direct sales business in the beginning, was just flying by the seat of my pants. I didn’t know what I was posting or when I was going to post it. So everything was random. Nothing was really planned out. And you know what that looked like? Messy. Random. It wasn’t intentional or productive for my business in any way. And it was stressful for me. I always felt like I had something hanging over my head…I had to post SOMETHING. Now, when I have an hour to sit down and work, I can plan. Holiday posts, party posts, things that are helpful, relevant, income producing, and intentional.

Original Content:

Using Canva with Cinchshare has been a total turn around in my business. I’m not even gonna lie. It took me a minute to figure out Canva. But man, was it ever worth it! Posting my own beautiful and professional pictures has not only helped my business, but it’s given me some excitement back. And my customers are loving the new look. It’s fun, I’m not just reposting stuff from home office. Same old stuff. Now, it’s FUN. And I’m learning how to do that right from my phone inside the Cinchshare bookmark! And there’s a ton of really great “how to” videos on canva, right on the Cinchshare YouTube site. That’s how I learned!


Every week, they have a National trainer, coach, leader, or expert in the direct sales industry, doing a training for FREE. Now, that’s reason enough to know that this company means business. They actually CARE about people in small business. They don’t charge a dime for these weekly trainings. And I can’t believe I’m just now figuring that out. I was kind of under a rock I guess. So I wanted to make sure YOU knew that. Because it’s really invaluable for us to be able to constantly learn. And when they provide that to their community for FREE, it’s hard to not show up!

If you click on their Facebook page, you can click on events and see EVERY training they’ve done. And then “like” the page, so you never miss them weekly! This week’s training is from Julia Ann Jones. And how to get bookings over the holidays! here is the link for you:

So there’s a million reasons why you should think about using Cinchshare, but these are just a few. And I wanted you to know that you can try it free for FIVE WEEKS.

You can go to and use the promo code PINKCINCH to get 4 additional weeks on top of your 1 week free trial.

And I’m actually coming here today just to tell you about a training they have going on tomorrow (December 12 at 9pm Eastern). But I talk too much, so you got a mouthful today. LOL!

If you click on this link and join the training, you can see in person what Cinchshare can help you do. They have a Facebook training that can show you WAY more than I can ever try to explain!

CLICK HERE TO JOIN (and click going)THAT TRAINING-and don’t forget to share with your team!:

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Melissa Fietsam


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