Here is my script for my January parties.


1. Do NOT use my links for my photo albums.

They are linked to my website. You will need to make your own albums in Google Photos. You can take my PICTURES and make your own albums! If you don’t know how to do that…here’s a video to show you:

2. Make sure you’re changing up the wording a bit.

Facebook does not like all of us using the same things (graphics and wording). So change it up, make it your own! And help keep us all safe on Facebook!

3. Use Cinchshare to schedule your party posts.

It’s one of the best things I ever did for my business. I schedule all posts for my parties in 30 minutes. So I can be out playing with my kids while my parties are going full steam ahead! Here is a free 5 WEEK trial for you!! Go to and check it out and enter the promo code “PinkCinch” to get 5 weeks of Cinchshare for FREE. Your business and your family will thank you!

And here’s a video to teach you how to schedule those posts if you need help:

PRE-POSTS (day before the actual party starts)

**some of these pictures are my own, and some are pulled from other fabulous ladies who have shared their creative genius with the rest of us! Thank you if that is YOU.

PRE-POST: Here is my example for the DESCRIPTION of the January Facebook event:

Sheryl is hosting a Thirty-One Party! And we cannot wait to show you all the amazing gift ideas for you, your friends, and your family this season.

Want to view the whole catalog online? Just click here and you can view it on your phone or computer:

January Customer Special: Spend $35 and get the Tall Organizing Tote for $10

*Spend $70…and get TWO! It’s for EVERY $35 you spend!

Ready to order?

  1. Go to
  3. Click on your hostess’s name!

PRE-POST: So Here is an example of my Introduction:

**To make your own free GIF: (click on “images to GIF)

Hello everybody! My name is Melissa Fietsam, and I am an Independent Executive Director with Thirty-One. I have been with the company for over 8 years now. I absolutely love my job and want to introduce myself and Thirty-One.

I have 5 crazy children whose ages are: 2, 3, 13, 15, and 17!

I’m married to my high school sweetheart. I am a retired Registered Nurse and I used to work in the Emergency Room and teach LPNs on the side. I was able to supplement my income with Thirty-One, and now I’m a full-time mom and business owner!

I love Thirty-One because it gives women the freedom to pursue their dreams. It’s so much more than just a bag:) For those of you who don’t know…Thirty-One was founded on 31 Proverbs and is all centered around celebrating, encouraging, and rewarding women. And I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

I love to give away prizes! Watch out for the 2 minute videos this week…you just may win some PRIZES 🙂


((to see what I do with the great big giveaway:

I can’t wait to help you organize with Thirty-One in January!! Who has been to a Thirty-One party before and who has never heard of Thirty-One?

And what’s this FB party all about?

  1. We will have a 4 day event!
  2. Give away some FREE prizes, over $150!! You don’t want to miss this!
  3. I’ll post lots of ideas for great products and how to use them
  4. And we’re going to help your hostess earn LOTS of free and half price items!
  5. And just have some FUN! That’s what this is all about, SIMPLE~EASY~FUN!

And if you have questions at any time, please let me know! I to answer questions

The actual party starts TOMORROW!

FREE PRIZES ~ FREE PRIZES ~ FREE PRIZES: RSVP to your hostesses party and click GOING to this event so you don’t miss $150 in giveaways!

Like I said… the BEST part of this party is that I LOVE to give away FREE prizes and all you have to do for the chance to win one is COMMENT on our posts throughout the party and keep your eye out for THE GREAT BIG GIVEAWAY! Easy Peasy!

thirty-one facebook


I’m going to introduce you to one of the January customer specials:

January Customer Special: Spend $35 and get the Tall Organizing Tote for $10

*Spend $70…and get TWO! That’s for every $35 you spend!




Have you ever heard of Thirty-One? A lot of people have heard of us…but do you REALLY know what we’re all about? Watch this  quick video to see why I fell in love with the company, the products, and the MISSION:


DAY 1:



Now that you know all about Thirty-One…who wants to see the CATALOG?! Tell me something you would LOVE to add to your Thirty-One collection?!

And if you’re ready to order…

  1. Go to
  2. Click on MY  PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
  3. Click on your hostess’s name!


First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

January is all about reorganizing your life and New Year’s Resolutions! One thing I can certainly help you with is organization:) You see…I’m a retail therapist with many avenues of genius when it comes to taking a disorganized MESS…and turning it into a functional and gorgeous solution for YOU!

I’m going to show you some ways to use Thirty-One products to un-clutter some of those pesky problem areas in your house and even your car! Are you ready to have some fun?

What is ONE area that you really need to clean up or reorganize in your house?



organize, thirty-one, find a consultant

POST #3:

Talk about ORGANIZING! So… I have this favorite product. And it’s called a Swap-It-Pocket. Check this out! This is the BEST way to organize your purse!

BONUS POINTS: post a picture of the inside of YOUR purse and let’s see who wins the “needs HELP” award! LOL!

What else could YOU use the swap it pocket for?

Check out all the patterns here:



So now that you’ve met ME…I’d love to me YOU!

Snap a selfie, post below, and let’s get this party started!:)

Tell us:

  1. How do you know the hostess?
  2. What’s your occupation?
  3. Where are you from?

POST #5:

Who’s on INSTAGRAM? Come find me!! You’ll have to watch for clues to the next OUTLET SALE over there!

CLICK ON THIS LINK and follow me:

instagram, thirty-one gifts, find a consultant


POST #6:

Now let’s talk some ORGANIZING! How about those pesky closets and bathrooms? Here’s some really great ideas to tidy those up!

DAY 2:

POST #1:

Thirty-One Gifts, holiday, valentine's day, easter, st. patrick's day, new year

So…here’s your 2017 Holiday Lineup!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Who do YOU buy for on Valentine’s Day? We have some great gift options for all your loved ones on that special day. And with our personalization, it makes it that much more special to show them how much you love them! I’d love to help you pick something out for YOUR someone special…

$10 if you love that super cute “I❤ ” personalization. Only $7 if you simply want their name on it!

And check out these ideas for some Valentine’s Day kids crafts (my favorite):

POST #2:

new embroidery (insert new pillow options and give ideas for Valentine’s Day pillows with fabric markers and personal messages on the back)

POST #3:

Did you know…when you host a party in January…THIS is the Hostess Special Bundle? You get this whole set for $35. If you love a good deal…hosting an online party is for YOU!

So…an average party is $600. Let’s break this down…you get:

  1. TWO items half off-anything you want, pick your highest priced items on your wishlist
  2. TWO hostess exclusive items
  3. $100 in FREE PRODUCT, whatever you want
  4. AND…this hostess special bundle in either pattern you’d like for just $35 (wall organizer, your way bin AND your way rectangle)
  5. Post below…HECK YEAH! And I’ll get your hostess packet in the mail today!

January Hostess special, 2017 thirty-one gifts


POST #4:

Alright! Who wants to see some DEALS? Here are over THIRTY photos of deals ONLY available in January!! Find one you want, snap a picture and post it here and I’ll send you all the patterns to choose from!

Click on the link below to view over 31 photos of all the deals:

((insert link to Google + album with customer specials))

And if you find something you can’t live without and you’re ready to order…

1. Go to
2. Click on MY PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
3. Click on your hostess’s name!

POST #5:

Who loves Pinterest?!

If you’re convinced that Pinterest could help you build your dream house from nothing but foam wreaths, wine bottles, and a glue gun…you should come find me on PINTEREST!! Cause I KNOW I COULD! LOL! I love to post craft ideas and see what everyone else is cooking. I’m a total foodie with a million cooking boards! So come follow me and let me see what secret building tools you have…HAHA!!

I have quite the impressive chicken recipes board. My daughter is 15, she sits at school and sends me recipes to cook all day. LOL!


pinterest, find a consultant, thirty-one gifts


POST #6:

Haven’t ordered yet?

  1. You can shop from the catalog at
  2. Pick your prints
  3. And I’ll help you place the order if you’d like!


DAY 3:

POST #1:

I’m giving away over $150 in FREE PRODUCTS! Be sure to get added to my customer page in order to see if you won! Click this link and request to join: ((INSERT CUSTOMER GROUP LINK))

Event is LIVE on Facebook on January 13th at 8:31pm

Here’s how you earn tickets for those FREE products!

Come see some great deals in January with a LIVE event showing off my favorite items and the brand NEW SPRING CATALOG! I’m GIVING AWAY OVER $150 IN PRIZES!!


1. 1 TICKETS: For every $10 you purchase on this party! 
2. 5 TICKETS: Just for joining my customer group!
3. 1 TICKET: For each 5 friends you add to the page! Remember to ASK them if they’d like to be added!
4. 5 TICKETS: For booking a party in JANUARY or FEBRUARY
5. 5 TICKETs: If you are a HOSTESS in JANUARY
6. 3 TICKETS: If you are a member of my HOTM (Hostess of the Month Club)
7. 5 TICKETS: For joining my team and becoming a consultant
8. 3 TICKETS: For purchasing $50 or more on your hostesses party by January 13th

great big giveaway, thirty-one gifts, find a consnultant

POST #2:


Have you seen one the COOLEST gift ideas in the catalog? Our personalized pillows are AMAZING! And they’re even better when you use fabric markers and get everyone to sign the back of them with a personal message. Hands down…the BEST gift I give my family! This would be an AMAZING gift for Valentine’s Day. Get your kids to sign the back of it for Dad or Grandma or Grandpa!

POST #3:

QUESTION! We have TWO amazing new kits to choose from starting January 16th! Which one is your FAVORITE? You get over $400 in product AND business supplies…all for just $99. You can start your new year out with a brand new opportunity that will bring your family income all year long.

If you had $300 EXTRA a month…what would YOU spend it on?

~car payment??

~daycare cost??

~kids sports??

~family vacation??


Have you ever thought about becoming a Thirty-One Consultant?

((insert picture of the 2 new enrollment kits))



POST #4:

Our team is hosting an opportunity event right here on FACEBOOK to tell you more about the amazing new enrollment kits for Thirty-One. We’re going to answer every question you could ever think of about becoming a Thirty-One consultant. Because we want YOU to see all the amazing perks to becoming a Thirty-One consultant!

All you have to do is click on the link below to request to be added to the group! Then, on January 5th we’re going to give you all the details you need to make an informed decision about becoming a Thirty-One consultant!




POST #5:

Here is MY kitchen and how I use Thirty-One products to organize!

POST #6:

So now that you’ve seen MY kitchen, you can check out more great ideas to organize the kitchen from me and my friends!

January is a time to regroup, throw out the old, and in with the NEW! It’s a time to organize and start fresh!

And I happen to LOVE to cook. So you’ll find my favorite 15 minute crock pot recipe for Pot Roast in here too!



kitchen thirty-one, kitchen items


POST #7:

Now who has kids? I have 5. Their ages are 3, 4, 14, 15, and 18. So organizing their stuff is a MUST. And a very good effort for intention, right?! My product warning…just because you buy a basket for their laundry, don’t hold me accountable for your children actually putting the laundry IN the basket! Cause I have a hard enough time getting MY kids to do it. LOL!


kids, thirty-one gifts

DAY 4:

POST #1:

Today I want to start by showing you a few of my favorite things! These are things that simply make me SMILE 🙂 What’s your favorite in here?!


And if you already know what you want to order…

1. Go to
2. Click on MY PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
3. Click on your hostess’s name!

Melissa's Favorite Thirty-One bags

POST #2:

Did you know Thirty-One has OUTLET SALES about 2-3 times a year? And the next one is right around the corner! You get items up to 70% OFF! Crazy good deals!

Click on this link and request to be added to my customer group so you never miss one and you’re the first to shop: ((INSERT CUSTOMER GROUP LINK))

vip group, thirty-one gifts, find a consultant


POST #3:

Our customers come up with the best ways to use our products. And I LOVE to see all the cool product hacks they come up with! Check out what people like YOU…use our products for in a FUN and USEFUL way!

And if you already know what you want to order…

1. Go to
2. Click on MY PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
3. Click on your hostess’s name!


POST #4:

So how EASY and FUN has this been? If you’re ready to book your own Facebook party, post “ME!” below and I’ll get you a packet ASAP! Book before this show ends, and you’re also getting FIVE tickets into the Great Big Giveaway of over $150 in PRIZES!!

host a thirty-one party, find a consultant

POST #5:

Our Tall Organizing Tote is only TEN DOLLARS this month on the customer special! And it comes in TWO brand new patterns for the SPRING!

You can get TWO of these (only in JANUARY) for $45.

This would also make an adorable Valentine’s Gift…one for YOU & one for THEM;)

POST #6:

And who loves OFFICE SUPPLIES?

Like, my favorite thing to get on Christmas and my birthday is a new pack of Sharpie Markers…you know who you are…LOL! Check out all these great ways to organize your office and crafts with Thirty-One:

And if you already know what you want to order…

1. Go to
2. Click on MY PARTIES in the top right hand corner by my picture
3. Click on your hostess’s name!

Day 5:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for partying with me.

Guess what?

I truly appreciate meeting new people and I’m so thankful for the support from all of my hostesses and their friends.  If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I would be happy to help in any way.

If you’d like to join my customer group, click on this link and you’ll be the first one invited to OUTLET SALES and to know the upcoming customer specials and DEALS!


This is the end of our Facebook portion, but you have until January 15th to place your orders!

August customer special:

Spend $35 and get the Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote for $10 or the Zipper Pouch for $5

*Spend $70…and get TWO for those special prices!

Ready to order?

  1. Go to
  3. Click on your hostess’s name!

thank you, thirty-one gifts, find a consultant

Post #2:


There’s some VERY exciting news for Hostesses in January! If you’d like to take advantage of these AWESOME deals and sneak peeks for our January hostesses, tell me “HECK YEAH” below!

((check back soon for an updated picture on booking for January))

POST #3:

We have a brand new SPRING CATALOG launching next month!! Would YOU like to be the first to receive one and the first to own the gorgeous new prints, products, and hostess exclusives? CHECK THIS OUT!! If you’re ready to book your own FEBRUARY party with the new catalog…post below! I’ll send you a private message with LOTS of details and sneak peeks for the NEW CATALOG…so YOU can be the first to get your hands on it!!

POST #3:

I have something AWESOME to tell you about!

There’s a special group called the HOTM (hostess of the month) Club. It might just be what you’re looking for to take care of that long Thirty-One wishlist of yours!



DAY 8:

Don’t forget! If you are interested in becoming a consultant and paying some extra bills or getting some extra spending money…I would LOVE to send you more information! Personally message me here on Facebook or post “ME!” below and I’ll get you a quick link with tons of information!

Join Thirty-One

DAY 9:

If you would like to do more for your littles…Thirty-One is the answer. The extras in my family come from a little pink box that changed our lives forever.

thirty-One consultant, 31 consultant, find a consultant


Day 10:

Let’s stay connected so YOU never miss an OUTLET SALE! We have them a few times a year and you’ll get up to 70% off items!! It’s AWESOME!!


Find me on INSTAGRAM:

Find me on PINTEREST:

Find me on TWITTER:

Find me on FACEBOOK:

 find a thirty-one consultant, thirty-one gifts

DAY 14:

Don’t forget! Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to place your orders!

Ready to order?

  1. Go to
  3. Click on your hostess’s name!

one day left to shop, thirty-one gifts

DAY #15:

Party is closing TODAY! Last chance to place your order!! THANK YOU again for partying with us:)

last day to order, thirty-one gifts, find a consultant



So there it is. My complete 4 day Facebook party. I really hope this helps some consultants out there who are looking for the words to say. I hope this blesses someone a million times over!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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  1. Hi Melissa, I was wondering how soon you will have a February Script up? I have a couple new consultants that want to see my first party of the season and I always look at yours for advice on structuring mine especially when the catalog changes!
    Thank you!


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