We’re going to go through a series of booking ideas for January!

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January Booking Idea #1:

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It’s January.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is over. As moms and business owners and women just trying to keep our families together during this time, we’re exhausted.

Literally. I sit back after the holidays and think, where in the world did the last 3 months go? Life is FAST. We lose a little bit of touch with reality, friends, and it’s time to slow down.

So why not grab ahold of that?

Here’s an idea to get together. To catch up with friends, stop for moment and reconnect and unwind. Who doesn’t love happy hour?

I want to get people together for something I’m dubbing “it’s a Friends Kinda Thing”.

Get 2 people to split hostess rewards for a $600 show.

Each collects $300 and we literally go to meet and collect orders, and tally orders, at happy hour. So they can invite one or two of their closest friends and we can just TALK. And LAUGH. And catch up on life with our friends. I’m bound and determined to get at least ONE of these parties booked. I’m going to think of people in my customer group that I already know they know each other and are friends. And I’m going to reach out to them together.

Host an online/Facebook party as normal, collect some orders on the side…and then seriously…let’s just go have FUN and be WOMEN. And talk about mom things, and husband things, and work things, and holiday nightmares, and in laws, and anything else we’d like to get off our mind. Maybe I’m so passionate about this one because I ALREADY KNOW I NEED IT myself.

Check this video out and here’s a graphic below you can use if you’d like:

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