Here’s your January Booking Idea #2!

Anyone who orders $35 or more in January will be getting a brand new catalog.

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SAY WHAT?! What if I told you how to do it where it won’t actually cost you a dime?

Here’s the breakdown. 

A) Someone orders $35- you make 25% of that in commission, which =$8.75. 

B) It costs you approximately $2.50 to mail a catalog to that person who just ordered. 

C) On a $35 order, you still made a profit of $6.25.

D) But I know what the January customer special is. And I know they aren’t passing up that $10 tote. So let’s just increase our profit a little more, right?

Check this out and then look at some statistics below:

I haven’t mailed new catalogs during a catalog launch in TWO YEARS. And you know what’s happened the last 3 years?

Fiscal Year 2013-2014: I had $20,516.43 in personal volume (mailed new catalogs to too many people)

Fiscal Year 2014-2015: I had $45,894.15 in personal volume (and didn’t mail a single catalog)

Fiscal Year 2015-2016: I had $56,914.39 in personal volume (and didn’t mail a single catalog)

Notice a pattern? I stopped blindly mailing catalogs to people who never ordered in the first place and it didn’t hurt me a bit. There was NO return in investment by blindly mailing catalogs to anyone who wanted them. STOP doing that!

But what if I had mailed catalogs to those people who WERE actually ordering? What would my sales have been THEN?! How many MORE people could I have gotten in front of?

I really want to get this catalog into people’s hands that LOVE Thirty-One. Because the more that are out there with my name on it, the more people will see it.

SHOUT FROM THE ROOF TOPS that every single person who orders on your VIP parties in January, will be getting their own catalog on their door step! Use part of your commission to cover those expenses. If they were wavering on ordering something you’re offering, that will be the one thing that might tip them to say…okay….I want a new catalog!

Melissa fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts



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