Here’s a FUN idea for January that will:

  1. Get January sales
  2. Get February bookings
  3. Increase #’s in your customer group
  4. Increase participation in the Facebook event
  5. And make life easier by integrating all these ideas into ONE event!

So I’m basically taking all my January ideas and getting them all into one group!

I’m going to use my normal January Facebook Party Script which you can find here:

I’m going to take out a few of those posts and add in the SNEAK PEEK posts. I’ll post one SNEAK PEEK a day.

I’m going to be doing daily giveaways of $1 Lottery Tickets. They won’t know what that prize is, just a mystery prize each day for participation in the event.

When I mail that lottery ticket, I’ll be mailing with a card that says, “didn’t win ? Win BIG and turn this in for $10 off your February party when you book your own SPRING party in February!”

I also created a POLL in my customer group to get some buzz going. If you don’t know hwo to do that, here’s a video: HOW TO CREATE A POLL


I’ll be reminding everyone that anyone who orders on this party will also be mailed their very own Spring Catalog. That is something I’m personally doing, not the company. I’m using my commission from this party to mail those catalogs!

Here’s some graphics I made for my Spring Fashion Show Event:

Showing off the new hostess exclusives



Talking about some on the go items!


Talking about some of the new organizing products:


Talking about the retirement list:


Talking about some of the new products and colors:


Talking about the new thermals and updates:


Happy January Bookings!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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