I’m mixing it up for 2017!

I will be hosting my Facebook parties on my Facebook Business Page for my customers from now on. And only hosting 2 a month. Check this out:

Why host it on your Business page:

Because it is public. And that means it is searchable content.


You’re automatically sending people to your public page by hosting your events from there

Time Management:

By only hosting 2 events, you’re saving yourself time:

-you only have one event to keep up

-you can easily check daily for comments and answer quickly

-if you have to add something randomly, you’re only dealing with one event to add to

Access Past Events:

When something new pops up, even 3 months later…you have fewer events to go back to and post an update: a new kit, a sale, whatever it may be.

Comfort in Numbers:

People who were afraid to host because “no one would show up” may feel more comfortable hosting as a “co-host”

Increased Interaction:

Ever have a party with NO interaction? It’s deflating. By hosting them together on one event, you’re increasing interaction, notifications, and participation in posts.

Facebook Opportunity Events:

Don’t forget to post a link in there to your opportunity events you created on your Facebook business page too. #WorkSmarterNotHarder


I’m ready to take 2017 to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. How about you?

Nothing but Love,

Melissa Fietsam


12 thoughts

    1. My photo albums are on the Business Page. With this plan, the events (which aren’t really events?) are also on the Business Page. So on one of my posts, if I want to direct people to see photos in a particular album, do I still (myself or CinchShare) post a hyperlink to the albums?


  1. Melissa, which category would I choose for my business page. I watched your demo on how to set up a business page and it seems doable. I am an independent 31 consultant. I love all the tips you offer and am trying to kick it into gear. I am 60, am an RN recently widowed and have 4 labrador retrievers. I would love to be able to give up the RN gig. I am not afraid of hard work. I really need confidence as well as a good system. Thank you for all you do. Blessings, Colette >


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