So I am making some changes on my personal timeline on Facebook.

I love all my Facebook friends, but did you know Facebook puts a cap on how many “friends” you’re allowed to have? I’ve actually reached a point where, if I accepted all the pending friend requests, they would shut down anyone being able to friend request me.


As a business owner and networker by nature, I’m saddened I have a cap on friends!!

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be going through my “friends” list and deleting A LOT of people. This is not because I don’t like you or don’t care about you. Quite the contrary!

It’s because I have to leave some wiggle room to bring people into my world. The best thing about it though, you can still FOLLOW my page and get notifications. Because 99% of what I post is public anyway!

So the reason I wanted to throw this out there, is so that you didn’t think I was just being mean! There’s a reason. I’m actually like 250 away from not being allowed to accept friends at all. And I have over that in pending requests. So…we (my assistant and I) will be going through and unfriending quite a lot of people.

Now, if you have ever baked me a cake (and are planning on another Cheryl)…helped me walk straight on a wild night (yeah, you know who you are Miss Babysitter)…are a team member…have ever mailed me food (that automatically qualifies you as family)…or you’re like family to me and my children…and YOU accidentally get deleted, please message me with a funny MEME and tell me to add your $@# back:) It was a mistake, and my eyes were probably blurry. HA!

So anyways, just wanted to give you a heads up. I DO however, have a business page that you can follow. And you can also follow my timeline if you’d like. I LOVE to network, so I really hate doing this. But at this point, I can’t even friend new hostesses and things, because I’m running out of wiggle room! So here’s to connecting on a NEW page!

Here is the link to my business page, this is NOT a 31 page:

With love and hugs,

My Dear John Letter,

Melissa Fietsam

One thought

  1. I’ve wondered about how to do this… making my personal page public and allow people to follow me on Facebook. I’ve seen others with profiles like this and kept meaning to look up how to do it. Lol. Thank you as always for your leadership and insight!


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