Do you LOVE Direct Sales and Social Media?

This is the group for you!

We have officially launched the Directly Social Facebook group and are kicking it off with a FREE ZOOM WEBINAR tonight at 9pm! This webinar will be on how to use Canva to create your own original graphics. I will be creating 5 engagement posts for our group every month. And I’ll walk you through how I do that!

And I’m going to show you:

  1. Where I find those free graphics to use
  2. How I edit them in canva
  3. Some tips and tricks in Canva

Another Facebook Group…I know, I know! But guess what?! I’m going to teach you all the tips and tricks on social media to make your business SOAR in 2017!

  1. Weekly Facebook Live tips
  2. Tips on Instagram
  3. Tips on Twitter
  4. Tips on Cinchshare
  5. Tips on Pinterest
  6. Tips on YouTube
  7. Tips on your Facebook Business Page
  8. Tips on your VIP Facebook Customer Group
  9. Tips on increasing sales, recruits, and bookings in your business

So head on over to Directly Social on Facebook and join the group today! Just click the link below!



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