I could not be more excited about Cinchshare’s latest feature being released in the next WEEK!

We’ve all been asking for it, and it’s finally here!

It’s called Collections, and you will be able to share an entire Facebook script to your team with ONE LINK!

  • No more files
  • No more emailing
  • You can literally share a link on your team page and the entire script will show up in THEIR own Cinchshare back office!

Check this out:

So how else will you be able to use Collections and this post sharing feature?

Share an opportunity script with your team: So I hold opportunity events regularly for our team. But what if…I shared the entire script with one link and they could run their OWN in their customer groups once a month?!

New Consultants: I can share 2 months of posts for my new consultants, and they will be able to have some blanket posts for their customer groups! To help get them started spreading the word!

Share an opportunity event with your leaders: I can now share an entire FB opportunity event with my leaders so they can run the opportunity events with THEIR teams!

Tweets: I can make a batch of 30 tweets and my team can easily schedule just one tweet a day for the whole month! SO EASY! I’m already doing it anyway, why not share a link to the collection and let them do the same!

Team Trainings: I can share team trainings with my leaders so they can run those on their own teams

Business Page: I can make a Collection of posts for my Facebook Business Page and then share those with my team so they can schedule them out on THEIR business pages!

The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to hear YOUR ideas on how we can use this feature!!

The most important thing…is TIME and PRODUCTIVITY. What you can get done in the little amount of time that you have. Cinchshare is changing the game!

To sign up for Cinchshare click here: CINCHSHARE

So tell me what you can think of to use with Collections in the comments!

Melissa Fietsam



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