I am so excited to be featured in Karen Clark’s new book called Social Media for Direct Selling Leaders!

Karen Clark, social media tips, thirty-one gifts

What an incredible honor to be among some great leaders in this book sharing tips to be successful in social media and leadership.

From Karen Clark,

In this second volume in the Social Media for Direct Selling series, both new and experienced leaders will learn to:
• Establish your online presence so that you are a recruiting magnet.
• Leverage the professionalism of LinkedIn to establish your expertise as a leader.
• Develop relationships with people who say YES when offered your opportunity.
• Use technology to support and train your team locally and long-distance.
• Run a social media team group or blog that builds a positive and success-oriented community among your team members.
• Develop effective team training meetings including half- or full-day online rallies that involve your entire organization.
• Conduct online business opportunity events to help your team bring their own connections into the business.
• …and more!

Get access to a FREE Bonus Resource site upon purchase of this book. There you will find additional detailed instructions and trainings that are updated on a regular basis so you can keep current with the latest on social media for direct selling leaders.
If you would like to grab your copy today, just follow this link!


I’m truly humbled to see my name and advice in there. Like…Look ma! I’m famous! LOL!

It’s a great read for anyone looking to up their game. The best advice I can give anyone is to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. That was a huge turning point in my career when I realized that I simply need to research and soak up all the knowledge that is readily available to me from people who have “been there done that”.

You will rise to the occasion by surrounding yourself with all of their knowledge and leadership. And this book is like having them all in your living room! PS- I really like spicy chicken dip. So if you have me over…just sayin’. 

Let me know what you think! I sure enjoyed it and took away plenty of pebbles of gold to use!

Melissa Fietsam

Karen Clark, social media, social media for direct selling leaders book, thirty-one gifts

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