Is your Facebook timeline actually leading people AWAY from your business?

Everyone repeat after me...

I need everyone to repeat after me…you are NOT your company!

A huge mistake I see from so many fellow direct sellers is that they have their timeline profile linked as “I work at this company” and they link the company they sell for. Let me tell you how this is leading people away from you and how to FIX IT!

Facebook has over 1.91 billion people on it. Make sure you’re leading them to the right place!

Learning how to set up your Facebook Business page and your personal timeline will serve you well in the long run!

You have to be willing to learn new things and work smarter, not harder!

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Melissa Fietsam

11 thoughts

  1. This was SO PERFECT for me – like a big DOH! I changed mine up, and it also gave me the option to post the ‘new’ job to my timeline so I thought – why not?!


  2. I tried exactly what you suggested but it did not pull up my public business page, even though I know I typed it exactly as it’s listed. It just gave me the option to create a generic page. Any suggestions???


  3. I just joined Thirty-One Gifts and am confused by all the Facebook options. I know about having a private group. But should I have a business page, too. What would be the difference as far as what I would post, etc? And is it best to write posts on my blog and then share them on those FB pages vs. just posting on FB? Thanks for any input you have!


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