There’s a few things that really razz me on Facebook.

And I’m generally the most easy-going person you’ll meet. I’m actually kind of shy unless I know you. And I’m intimidated by large crowds…but that’s a whole other therapy session. But when someone does one of these “do NOT do’s” to me…the redhead hillbilly comes out. Like Hulk. It’s ugly.


What I want to talk to you about today, is Facebook Etiquette (and all social media for that matter)! WHY? Because I want you to NOT do it! So here are some Do’s and Don’ts that you should really consider while conducting business on Facebook:

Your Customer Business Page:

I have a Direct Sales business. I share SO MUCH freely with the world for you to use. But my business page for my Direct Sales business is OFF LIMITS. There is NO EXCUSE for any “like consultant” to be on that page. Other than to lurk and steal stuff.

Because that’s what you’re doing. By taking things off someone’s business page without their consent, you are STEALING. What they post…their words and their graphics are THEIR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. You do not have the right to go on their page and take stuff.


1. Do not post on someone’s business page, can I steal this? You just turned a genuine post into an icky feeling sales post. STOP IT!

2. Do not take someone graphics off their customer business page. It’s not yours. You didn’t spend an hour creating it, DON’T TAKE IT.

3. Do not take someone’s post and copy and paste it and use it on your page WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. If you are doing this, you’re probably not doing very well in your business. Because you are not being AUTHENTIC, you are essentially stealing, and your customers can probably smell you a mile away!

4. Do not join someone’s events on their customer business page and steal all their posts or scripts. IT IS THEFT! YOU…take the time away from your family, your business, your work and DO IT YOURSELF!

Your personal Facebook timeline:

This is a page for your family and friends. Period. 


1. Post something on someone’s timeline that is a business question:

Why?: because your personal timeline is not for business. It is for you to make connections with your family, your customers, and your friends. You have to have a personal boundary in this world. You can private message someone a question about something you saw on their timeline, but do not talk business on someone’s timeline.

2. Do not send someone a private message and then post on their timeline “Hey, I sent you a message, you must have missed it”.

WHY?: Because I can assure you they saw it, but didn’t have time to answer it…and it will TICK THEM OFF. Smart people…turn off Facebook notifications when they’re focused and working on something. So they are not distracted. I actually have a scheduled time to go through and answer messages that are business related. You should too:)

My personal messaging rules:

***If you are not on my team, you are not a friend, a family member, or a customer, your question will be answered when all of MY work is done. That could be 20 minutes, or that could be 2 weeks. I cannot interrupt my own work, to help someone else’s work. That’s why I schedule the time accordingly. This is my time, then when I’m done (and if I have time) it is their time.

3. Do not comment on a post that is on someone’s personal timeline and say “I’m stealing this”, “where did you buy those from”, “I tried that and it didn’t work”, “can i borrow this?”, or ANY OTHER business question. 

WHY?: Because we realize YOU see them as a person to learn from and someone to get good ideas from, but you are on their PERSONAL PAGE. You are taking PERSONAL posts to their friends/family/customers and staining it with business. It’s like you just put Facebook PORN on their page! That’s how much it makes me cringe.


It is extremely unprofessional. Now, feel free to privately message people…but posting business on their page is not acceptable business etiquette.

What you CAN you do on someone’s personal Facebook timeline:

1. Post a thank you for helping you with something. 

WHY? Because that’s personal.

2. Post a congratulations on something they have accomplished.

WHY? Again, that is a personal thing, and that’s wonderful.

3. Celebrate a success you had with someone.

WHY? because that shows others the bond that we have and the friendships we make. And again, it is personal.

As Direct Sales consultants, it’s so important to learn from each other. But make sure those professional relationships don’t get ruined because you weren’t minding your Facebook manners 😉

We all need to respect each other’s personal boundaries. I share because I care about every single person out there. But sometimes I get burned for it. So I just wanted to throw that out there. There’s a right way and a wrong way. Make sure you’re doing things the RIGHT way!

And for the record, this goes for ALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS!

If you would like more tips on how to run your business the RIGHT WAY,


Thanks for letting Melissa rant today!

Melissa Fietsam,


directly social with melissa fietsam

#facebook #facebooketiquette #directsales

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