Here’s a couple of really cool tricks for your September Facebook parties!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to:

  1. Make a branded video to share from your Facebook Business Page
  2. Create an interactive customer special flier post in your Facebook party script

Creating a branded video

When you create this video, here’s a few things to remember:

  • Make sure you add captions. 90% of all videos on Facebook are watched in silent mode. TELL THEM WHAT IT’S ABOUT!
  • Make sure you add a branding graphic. YOU took the time to make it. So if someone shares it…they’re sharing it with YOUR business information.
  • ASK your customers to help share some of these! It’s a public post on your business page. So you could create a giveaway around your customer group helping you share this!
  • Add a picture of YOU to it, with one of the products! Make it personal and FUN!

Using ISSUU:

You can use issuu for SO many things!

  • Customer Special fliers
  • Recruiting fliers
  • Recruiting Brochure
  • Catalog PDF
  • Instructional PDFs you create for your team
  • The possibilities are endless!

Really stretch your imagination with these two tools and come up with some FUN things to do in September! We’re getting ready to start the biggest selling season of the year…it’s time to step up your game and stand out in your business.

Melissa Fietsam



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