DS Elite Leadership Mastermind Group

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Here it is! Launching our LEADERSHIP Elite group!

What is DS Elite Leadership?

This is a place for ALL companies and ALL Direct Sellers to get ideas and training on how to grow your TEAMS!

This group is specifically made for leaders in the field. In this group, you will learn:

*how to train your team
*how to build a positive team environment
*how to train your new consultants
*prompts to post on your team pages on a weekly basis
*how to build resources for your team
*key leadership roles
*leadership training
*how to build leaders
…and so much more!


$10 a month!

If you you’re looking to join the group, here’s your EASY BUTTON:

Once you join via PayPal, make sure you follow the prompts, fill out the survey, and then request to join here:


When can you expect to be added once you join?

All requests to the Elite Leadership group will be processed within 24-48 hours

Subscription Cancellation:

If you cancel your payment plan, you will be removed automatically from the group and can subscribe again at anytime

2 thoughts on “DS Elite Leadership Mastermind Group

    September 16, 2017 at 6:52 am


    Is this also for 31 Consultants?

    thank you,

    JOLYNNE Fenstermacher

    Sent from Windows Mail


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