February is the month of LOVE and paying it forward.

Why not create a wave of PARTY WITH A PURPOSE through Direct Sales companies?



You simply donate 10% of your sales to your hostesses choice of a local non profit organization in HER TOWN.

  1. Create a party for her
  2. Send her a regular hostess packet
  3. Tell her to pick an organization in her community to donate to
  4. Party as usual
  5. Then when you get paid, donate 10% of her total party sales to her organization

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Tips & Tricks

Create a Facebook event on your Facebook business page:

Create a public event on your BUSINESS page so she can share the party and information (and some posts) from the event on her personal timeline.

Make sure you write a post about the organization and TAG the organization on Facebook…now all their peeps see it too.

Donation Time:

If you can make the doanation in person…DO IT. Because you can post a picture and tag the organization again.

Customer Group:

Present this in your customer group by posting a graphic saying…if you could donate to any local non profit, which one would it be? Now message each one with the opportunity to host a “party with a purpose” for them.

Personal Timeline:

Post a graphic on your PERSONAL timeline…asking the same question…

If you could donate to any LOCAL non profit organization, what would it be?

Then message all of them with the opportunity.

Giving Back

Direct Sales consultants have a unique opportunity to make an impact in their local communities. Let’s kick it up a notch in February and:

  • Meet some new hostesses
  • Meet some new customers
  • Make a positive impact in our communities

What types of places can they donate to?

  • animal shelters
  • domestic violence shelters
  • women’s shelters
  • homeless shelters
  • food banks
  • youth groups or ministries
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • hats, shoes, winter coats for kids
  • Dress for Success

With love,

Melissa Fietsam @Directly Social

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