Do you have what it takes? Just because you fall, just because you fail…does NOT mean you weren’t meant to play the part.


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A friend of mine posted something today that her and her friend worked on together (credit to Kia Pigott and Ashley Shepherd). Here’s what they wrote about grit, determination, and endurance. A lesson for all of us today.

What Shaun White did last night in the pipe is nothing short of miraculous – but please don’t miss the miraculous life lesson that came pouring out of his body at the bottom of the hill. The tears. The emotion. The joy and relief. The memories flooding back.

Please don’t miss the human achievement in that moment.

The guy who used to be at the top of his game, and then wasn’t. The guy who messed up his chance to achieve his lifelong dream and wasn’t sure he’d ever get another opportunity. The guy whose body was aging and aching in a job dominated by young guns. The guy who sacrificed family time and holidays and quiet weekends for something very few people understood. The guy who felt like his passion was now a job. The guy who needed a new trick, but fell so hard trying it last year that he spent 2 weeks in a hospital. The guy who was scared to ever try that trick again. The guy who told himself he “couldn’t do it” on the chairlift up to his final run last night. The guy who doubted his abilities and preparation as he strapped on his board. The guy had 10 minutes earlier watched a competitor throw down the greatest back-to-back trick combo in snowboarding history and a score to match it.

All of that stood in his way.

Do you know that guy? I do. He’s me. He’s you. That guy is all of us. He’s not just some elite athlete with a gifted talent and endless belief in himself. There has been heartache, and doubt, and fear, and exhaustion. There have been moments of great struggle. There were no short cuts, no handouts, no breaks given.

Watch the footage again. Watch him hug his mom. His coach. His friends. Watch his body buckle under the emotion of it. Watch the clip of him this morning of the Today Show. He cries again watching the replay. He holds back tears the entire interview.

He said this morning that he was proud of the man he has become since Sochi.

There is an INCREDIBLE life lesson in this story:

Never give up on a dream. And be grateful for everyone that helped you get there!

But if what you’re doing isn’t working, don’t be afraid to change.

From Kia Pigott

Ind. Director @ThirtyOneGifts

Beautifully said and I just thought everyone needed to hear that today.

Peace out peeps! Have a fantastic week!

Melissa Fietsam


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